Month : April 2021

Altcoin Ethereum Featured

DAO1 Takes the Concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organization to a New Level

DAO1 is the first community-led decentralized economic initiative with innovative and functional financial products and services. It is guided by a democratic digital governance system...
Altcoin Ethereum Featured

Challenging the traditional financial status quo with DAO1

It took the crypto industry 10 years to reach $1 trillion market cap, and another three months to double and hit the $2 trillion mark....
Elrond News

DEFI for the next billion: Exchange Maiar to activate the swap value of internet scale, global accessibility, and fair community distribution

The Crypto News
Tokenization allows global liquidity and directly for almost all types of assets. Through automatic assessment, guarantees, and programmed trading mechanisms, decentralized finance will obscure the...

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