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Bitcoin, Hierarchy And Territory

Bitcoin, Hierarchy And Territory

12 Suggestions For Lifestyles Collection, Essay One


I’ve been an avid reader and pupil of philosophy, psychology and other connected topics since my early childhood.

My uncle first influenced and launched me to thinkers take care of Aristotle, Alexander the Immense, Plato and Socrates, and as I grew older, I came all the device via many others.

Some helped me perceive the sector and human beings better (Robbins, Taleb, Bruce Lee, Watts, Clare Graves, Frankl, Sowell, Rand, Hoppe, Rothbard, and so forth.), whereas others helped abet the formers’ suggestions by either consistently contradicting themselves, introducing ridiculous suggestions of their appreciate or correct regurgitating things others have mentioned but totally out of context, thus exhibiting no determining in any appreciate. Some examples encompass the likes of Marx, Sam Harris, Derrida, Harari, Piketty, Kelton and Keynes.

Both device, all of them helped me sharpen and hone my appreciate viewpoints, so for that, I’m grateful even for the uninteresting texts I’ve learn.

In the final 5 years, I’ve advance to no doubt revel in and align with the philosophies of a selected particular person, whom by now you’ve no doubt guessed is Jordan Peterson.

While I say doubtlessly the most profound in vogue truth seeker is seemingly Murray Rothbard, I say Peterson is maybe the most voice and, for me, (personally) opinion to be one of doubtlessly the most reliable and dauntless of us alive on the recent time.

So on the recent time… as an homage to Jordan’s work, and as an strive to introduce him and his audience to Bitcoin, I’ve determined to write a series of articles that peek Bitcoin via a Jordan B. Peterson lens.

I’m going to expend his most traditional book, “12 Suggestions For Lifestyles” as the framework. While I’ll educate the structure of the book because each and every of the chapters is rather dense, I will watch to uncover a chain of classes along the device with my interpretation of the essence of every and every.

I am hoping you watch label in this series of essays, and when you’re a Bitcoiner who has web swear online visitors that you’ve no longer yet been ready to orange tablet, but are aligned with Jordan’s suggestions and philosophy, I am hoping this becomes a priceless helpful resource.

Lesson One: Bitcoin, Hierarchy And Territory

Jordan’s first rule in the book is “stand up straight, with your shoulders again.”

He explores how the actual person’s enviornment in the social hierarchy impacts their hormonal (serotonin) and dopaminergic programs, and vice versa, hence making it a feedback loop.

Extra importantly, even supposing, the essence of the lesson is how by owning oneself and taking responsibility (standing up straight), that you can be ready to have an effect on these programs to either end a downward spiral or originate an upward lunge in life.

“The segment of our brain that keeps music of our enviornment in the dominance hierarchy is therefore exceptionally outdated and critical.

It’s a grasp control system, modulating our perceptions, values, emotions, suggestions and actions. It powerfully impacts each and every facet of our Being, aware and unconscious alike.”

– Peterson, “12 Suggestions For Lifestyles”

This chapter is extraordinarily dense, with so powerful to unpack and stammer to Bitcoin. It modified into laborious for me to buy a single angle, so I’ve explored multiple sections and how they each and every stammer; socially, evolutionarily, economically and psychologically.

Territory And Deepest Property

Notify: I will expend the words “territory” and “deepest property” interchangeably.

We live in an world with finite territory, and much take care of one another species, including the now-celebrated lobsters, our means to subsist relies on how smartly we pick, offer protection to and take care of our territory (aka; deepest property in a extra anthropomorphic sense).

Territory matters. Just a few truths we have to advance to terms with are:

  • Your territory is that which you’re ready to successfully defend
  • Territory is scarce (namely doubtlessly the most critical locales and goods)

Humanity has, over the millennia, developed systems of maintaining territory since it’s critical to our survival as a species. We’re collaborative by nature, and the device all the device via which we collaborate is the alternate of private property. This deepest property (or territory) starts with you and extends to anything else you mix your time and vitality with on a voluntary basis with out having taken it by power from another, even supposing the latter does (and has) came about for the length of history, hence the severe need for defence.

Examples of mechanisms for defence encompass anything else from:

  • Partitions and fences (land as territory)
  • Knives and weapons (your self as deepest property)
  • Vaults and banks (your wealth as property)
  • Churches, governments and constitutions (your suggestions, beliefs, rights as territory)
  • The math and cryptography embodied in Bitcoin which defends deepest property via the files asymmetry and law of spruce numbers

What’s crucial to illustrate here is that with out a mechanism for the protection of private property, society collapses. We’re all folks, who’re inherently diverse and cost all the pieces subjectively. We is no longer going to all appreciate a fragment of one another, nor appreciate a segment of all the pieces. It’s a bodily and social impossibility.

Territory is no longer a “social invent.” It’s a biological imperative.

It’s the mechanism that’s evolved all the device via which nature achieves steadiness and equilibrium. It’s an emergent, backside-up phenomenon, no longer a high-down decree take care of pseudo scientists would have you ever say.

Peterson’s overview on territory is nice, but I would indicate the fabulous work by Robert Ardrey (“The Territorial Crucial”), otherwise that you can be ready to sit down down up for a allotment I’ll be writing in the future entitled: “Deepest Property As A Biological Crucial,” whereby I’ll dig deeper into the above.

So… if territory and deepest property are central to existence, then how can we label, stammer and pick it, sparkling that we are all subjective beings and that all property is scarce?


Pecking orders are pure phenomena, and came all the device via all the device via all residing programs. Hierarchies have to make because life can no longer exist with out some make of desire, and this can no longer exist with out prioritization.

Right here’s no longer to say that there is “one” correct device. Lifestyles is no longer so simplistic. We exist in a fancy world the set aside aside hierarchies and systems for prioritization emerge all the device via multiple dimensions (consider the subjective nature of humans and what they label).

In other words, hierarchies will consistently make, so the quiz is no longer whether or no longer they would possibly per chance indifferent exist or no longer (that’s take care of arguing concerning the existence of gravity), but “in what make are hierarchies most conducive to life”?

As with most things, it’s a spectrum.

On one aspect, now we have hierarchies by fiat. These are unnatural and abhorrent. They exist by decree and since there is tiny to no skin in the game for some, they make on the expense and the exclusion of many.

On the opposite hand, now we have these that are pure and emergent. These are easiest labeled as hierarchies of competence. They are ergodic and dynamic by nature because individuals have skin in the game.

Then, no doubt, now we have all the pieces in between. Fact is such that things are messy, and the extremes are uncommon.

If modernity has confirmed us anything else, it’s that institutions that could have on the muse arisen due to competence and a desire for stammer, but cemented themselves by fiat and thus have change into monopolies, is no longer going to most enchanting originate to decay, but as described by the cobra make, they’re going to pose a increased likelihood to existence than the recent chaos they position out to position up.

The most inclined to such degeneration (enhanced and accelerated by the accurate hazard of having no skin in the game) are direct monopolies on money, violence, morality and ethics (i.e., law). Why?

On fable of they’re the levers of society. They’re the glue which binds us. And due to this, they appear to incentivize two key reactions:

  1. The have to “control” or on the least “position up” the spontaneous emergence of stammer for qc suggestions. The intent here can be (on the muse on the least) hotfoot, but take care of every and every complex system, erroneous because centrally managing a process that occurs on the brink is laborious ample for a neighborhood, let on my own a metropolis. It’s no longer functional at scale, and in our impart to make so, we make extra fracture.
  2. Linked to the Nietzschean will to energy; of us who need it on the expense of all the pieces else and of us who could per chance salvage they’re unable to adequately climb a hierarchy of competence change into consumed by envy and are searching for to create energy, self-worth, validation and meaning via the acquisition of enviornment by fiat. Right here’s a monumental reason why politics and the public sector is so toxic. The kinds of of us it attracts are either naively optimistic (in the better distress) or are, as a rule, envious wolves in sheep’s clothing taking a watch to comprehend recognition contests on their quest to amass energy by fiat.

This edifice becomes extra hazardous and fragile the better it grows, and take care of the proverbial “beast” that have to continually be fed, it continues to spend all in its direction till it starves and collapses.

All hierarchies are dynamic, and even pure hierarchies are inclined to adjust, evolve, deconstruct and re-emerge, but fiat hierarchies, in specific, are inclined to catastrophic crumple because, via monopolization and the incessant have to control and position up, they deviate additional from pure stammer and change into extra and extra fragile.

I wrote about fiat versus pure authority at increased measurement here:

Resistance Is NOT Futile (1/2)”

Pareto’s Law And Distribution

Inequality is believed to be one of doubtlessly the most “pushed” topics on the recent time and one which is deeply misunderstood.

Many who know my work will know my enviornment on inequality. I say there is nothing extra pure than inequality, and in actuality, it’s the basis of all diversity, nuance and life itself.

Nature is nice in its imperfection and the final consequence is a naturally unequal distribution of all the pieces from abilities, to values, to likes, dislikes, shapes, sizes, pursuits, resources, effort and all the pieces else one can learn about.

The most enchanting part that ought to be equal on the planet is equality in likelihood. This device the game we’re all taking half in remains dynamic, because we all have skin in the game.

Right here’s by and spruce how hierarchies naturally emerge, grow, correct and persist, except no doubt there is a mechanism via which these on the live can prefer away their skin from the game, and thus prefer away the pure equality in likelihood inherent to accurate, emergent programs (after which they decay and crumple).

Folks aren’t no doubt inflamed about inequality, but unfairness. When the chance to transfer up exists and the likelihood to fall remains, the game is glorious and the results are dynamic. If no longer, the game is rigged.

Utopian Dystopias”

The Pareto theory is a completely pure energy law distribution most most incessantly called the 80/20 rule and easiest documented by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto.

The Pareto theory states that for lots of outcomes roughly 80% of consequences advance from 20% of the causes.

You know this no longer most enchanting in your appreciate life (i.e., a smaller sequence of the stuff you’re making construct most of the results), but can watch all of it all the device via the sector and also can deduce it the usage of some easy common sense.

You know rotund smartly that about a of the songs by a band are their easiest. That about a avid gamers in any sport are disproportionately extra impactful than the rest. That about a actors construct most of the hits. That about a laborious and trim workers at work construct most of the output.

At a macro stage, this manifests itself as uneven Pareto-sort wealth distribution.

Specialise in the following instance:

Two of us originate out working. One does the in vogue nine to 5, whereas the opposite decides to work two jobs, and set aside each and every penny of the 2nd.

As they growth, the saver builds up a exiguous capital nefarious which he decides to expend as his investment capital. The alternative person correct continues working the nine to 5 and hangs out with web swear online visitors afterwards.

Fleet forward about a years, and the saver managed to grow his entire wealth via some shimmering investments. He now has a increased capital nefarious from which to make investments and additional compound that wealth, i.e., earning 5% about a years ago on a $1,000 investment can have yielded $50, but now that identical 5% yields $500 per month because he’s got $10,000 invested (as an instance).

Their proportionate wealth will originate to examine very powerful take care of an 80/20 distribution.

Now here’s the honest segment.

The saver, turned investor, gets addicted to his device and gets spruce grasping in the device, so he decides to prefer some silly dangers to yield 50% on investment. He puts up a spruce chunk of his capital for it and then loses it because he modified into nefarious about his investment.

He’s now again to square one and must nearly originate everywhere again.

This is the dynamic nature of life and how indecent likelihood can (and does) lead to pure rebalancing in any system.

Now… let’s watch on the distress in another universe. Saver by no device gets grasping but gets extraordinarily likelihood averse. Rather then investing to any extent additional of his capital, he correct decides to set aside aside all of it the set aside aside it’s safe and he no longer cares about growth.

In this distress, the recent spender who has seen his buddy catch forward decides that he must gather. Smartly, he begins to work more difficult, set aside and set aside these savings in direction of investments or activities that can yield a increased return. He’s got much less to lose, he’s youthful and, as such, is enchanting to prefer extra likelihood.

Over time, he begins to assemble since the recent saver is swear the set aside aside he’s.

Over again, the system rebalances. All distribution is dynamic and can either compound or erode. It does no longer standstill. There’s no longer any such thing as a such part as a static system. That’s precisely why equality can by no device exist. It’s a static, imaginary, utopian (dystopian) ineffective direct.

Inequality, Brand’s law and the Pareto distribution are all completely common.

Unfairness is the precise distress. When the game is rigged, of us catch pissed off.

Unfortunately, via the monopolization of violence, ethics, morality and most importantly, the manufacturing of the principle human know-how (money), the direct has managed to rig the game.

On a brief ample timescale (which is lengthy by particular person requirements), they’re no longer field to the downside. Neither are any of the organizations, institutions and representatives that can catch shut to any of the principle monopolies of the direct.

The final consequence is unnatural distributions, and in desire to the system re-balancing via pure correction, we catch these 99/1 or even 99.9/01 sort distributions of wealth.


On fable of: “heads they clutch, tails you lose.”

It’s take care of taking half in a game of monopoly with one person maintaining their hand in the box of money, in stammer that they’ll’t lose. Or better yet, taking half in a game of poker the set aside aside the preliminary chief of the game is aware of the seller, makes a deal, and as such, any time he loses on the river, he gets bailed out from the chips which can be in a single another player’s stack.

If that’s how the game is done, the rest of the avid gamers will soon drag away. And that’s precisely what’s occurring now, with Bitcoin.

Poker is de facto a immense analogy since it contains no longer most enchanting means but success. Prudent early play can catch you forward. You doubtlessly can have to prefer dangers most incessantly, it be crucial to bluff, most incessantly you’ll have to fold. If you happen to play smartly, that you can be ready to amass ample chips to originate to play more difficult and extra rough, but, the likelihood to lose all of it consistently exists, and thus, keeps the game glorious.

Modernity is a rigged poker game and Bitcoin fixes it by tearing money out of the hands of anyone player and thus reintroducing skin in the game for all.

Fitness And Choice

Altering tack a tiny bit here is the evolutionary realizing of smartly being and desire.

As Jordan writes:

“The premise of selects contains implicitly nested within it the premise of smartly being.

It’s smartly being that is chosen.

The match in smartly being is the matching of organismal attributes to environmental query.”

Fitness is that which is ever extra accurately approximated all the device via time, and it’s crucial to illustrate that it’s neither a linear process nor one who is consistently trending in direction of extra smartly being.

It’s take care of a dance. There is a route all the device via time, but powerful take care of two dancers, it strikes, sways and swings as it hones and adapts in direction of ever extra smartly being.

Bitcoin’s proof-of-work network is powerful the an identical. The matter adjustment, incentive mechanism and the work required to prefer half make Bitcoin an organism that one can argue are alive.

Fair correct minds take care of Gigi’s have done this matter a ways extra justice than I will be able to here, so I counsel a evaluate of the following:

Proof Of Lifestyles”

Moreover, there is the pure desire process we as folks make in our pursuit of financial survival. I’ve called it “Financial Darwinism” and it’s connected to Gresham’s law (i.e., correct money pushes out unpleasant money).

We pick the money that easiest performs the three key suggestions of money:

  • Store of label (as shut to mounted in provide as attainable to scheme to time and vitality)
  • Medium of alternate (have to be uncensorable. Bearer asset is easiest)
  • Unit of fable (measure all other goods with it and have a device to measure in opposition to all else)

Making the nefarious desire relegates us to poverty and diminishes our capability to cooperate, collaborate and interact with the rest of society.

As such, we are incentivized to converge and pick the fittest mechanism via which the product of our labor can be saved, exchanged and measured.

This fittest medium is unequivocally Bitcoin, and the self-reinforcing, convergent nature of the “network make of money” will most enchanting proceed to hurry this realization as it spreads globally.

This then brings me to the premise of:

Put of dwelling

Put of dwelling is the metaphysical relationship between us and the rest of the sector.

It’s our relationship to no longer most enchanting the dynamic distribution of the full resources, wealth, abilities, shapes, sizes, and so forth., on the planet, but our enviornment in the multitude of hierarchies all the device via each and every dimension and category one comes into contact with.

Right here’s the set aside aside the rubber meets the avenue and why our programs are hormonally, neurologically and biologically wired the device they’re.

“The segment of our brain that regulates the set aside aside we sit down in the dominance hierarchy is as feeble as life.”


Serotonin is believed to be one of the crucial grasp control hormones and appears to have emerged to abet us perceive, position up and have an effect on our relative enviornment in hierarchies and all the device via the spectrum of totally different distributions.

It helps us catch a device of what is high and what is backside.

Its make on the system appears also to be reflexive, or self-reinforcing:

  • The decrease you is more seemingly to be on the hierarchy, the decrease you’re inclined to fall.
  • The increased you is more seemingly to be, the additional up you’re more seemingly to advance.

Right here’s because determination making changes reckoning on the set aside aside you is more seemingly to be (or are perceived by your self or others to be). It’ll have indispensable ramifications and is why it’s so crucial that the game is no longer rigged in this kind of device that creates obstacles to mobility for an particular person’s dwelling.

The backside:

  • Heightens your time desire
  • Then you utilize your resources for the crises of the demonstrate
  • You are in fixed preparedness for the following emergency

These are de-evolutionary in nature.

The head:

  • Lowers your time desire
  • You intend for the lengthy high-tail
  • You doubtlessly can additional extend gratification
  • You doubtlessly can make investments resources for the future, whereas having some for the following emergency
  • You doubtlessly can work to accurate your enviornment

These are evolutionary in nature.

Every have a symbiotic relationship with your manufacturing of serotonin and are thus self reinforcing.

Folk have the capability to voluntarily and wilfully “stand up straight with their shoulders again” to be able to persuade these processes, and therefore what matters in a system, or a society, is enabling mobility. In other words the liberty for the actual person to prefer such actions.

To stand up straight with your shoulders again is to assemble the grisly responsibility of life, with eyes huge originate. It device deciding to voluntarily rework the chaos of attainable into the realities of liveable stammer. It device adopting the burden of self-aware vulnerability, and accepting the end of the unconscious paradise of childhood, the set aside aside finitude and mortality are most enchanting dimly comprehended. It device willingly challenge the sacrifices crucial to generate a productive and meaningful actuality.

Bitcoin Fixes This

With Bitcoin, humans can no doubt stand up straight with their shoulders again because:

  • Deepest property is no longer most enchanting identified, but integral to the system
  • It’s unable to be co-opted by any particular person, group or institution and is thus ready to naturally correct could per chance indifferent hierarchies change into deformed by fiat or by decree
  • In the usage of math as its make of protection/guarantee/security, it lowers the worth of protection, increases the worth of attack and therefore tilts the inherent incentives of human interaction in direction of extra voluntary cooperation in desire to coercive dominion
  • The above enable organic, ergodic and most importantly naturally dynamic hierarchies of competence to make, that are extra remarkable, antifragile and extra proof in opposition to corruption by fiat
  • It enables for pure Pareto distributions to re-emerge, and to normalize due to innovation and the competitive nature of markets whereby monopolies can no longer subsist (because a focal monopoly on money is non-existent)
  • Unnatural distributions originate to crumple because skin in the game is reintroduced and financial bailouts whereby one neighborhood pays for the mistakes of another end to exist
  • Fitness and desire (i.e., innovation) is as soon as extra honed in and extra most incessantly centered in direction of precise considerations and precise needs since the deployment of capital as soon as extra has a pragmatic opportunity label
  • Put of dwelling becomes cell as soon as extra and tied to competence, means, means, effort, ardour and input, in desire to fiat. The relatively static nature of dwelling that we watch on the recent time begins to dissolve because downside likelihood is reintroduced and upside attainable is as soon as extra accessible by of us who need it — no matter who or the set aside aside they’re


Jordan’s opening chapter is a adore trove of files that one could per chance write a entire book about. Basically, I could per chance doubtlessly write a book correct on its relationship to Bitcoin. Impress, hint.

For now, I’d opt to wrap this up by thanking Jordan for his insightful work and noting my hope that he has a likelihood to survey Bitcoin via its lens.

The framing of stammer and chaos, yin and yang, duality or whatever name that easy yet profound theory has donned for the length of the ages is something that resonates with me. I survey Bitcoin as something which no doubt embodies it, no longer most enchanting in its operation (it’s correct between entropy and stammer) but in its affect on the sector.

The extra we enable pure stammer to emerge from chaos with out searching for to opt and stifle it out of an terrified have to make it static, the extra we’ll watch the dynamic desire process that is nature make its part, forming Lindy-take care of minded structures and hierarchies.

Attain we end these hierarchies from succumbing to concentration of energy or fiat decay?

Now not totally, because we have to enable things to grow and die.

Nonetheless, we could per chance make an ambiance the set aside aside the corrective nature of the system enables it to rebalance and adapt sooner than it crumbles.

Catastrophic crumple is powerful much less attainable in a decentralized, localized system the set aside aside monopolies are inhibited via competition, and this matters whether or no longer the system is social, cultural, biological, correct or financial.

It’s no longer who’s utilizing the educate, but how the tracks are laid that no doubt matters.

Bitcoin is the recent educate music.

With it, we can proceed to manifest the promise of no longer correct the West but the files of nature and existence.

Behold you in the following chapter

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