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Bitcoin Optech #149: Relay Reliability Workshops And Extra

Bitcoin Optech #149: Relay Reliability Workshops And Extra

The Bitcoin Optech publication affords readers with a top-level summary of the very best technical info occurring in Bitcoin, alongside with sources that relieve them study extra. To relieve our readers cease up-to-date with Bitcoin, we’re republishing the most up-to-date divulge of this publication below. Make certain you subscribe to procure this vow straight to your inbox.

This week’s publication affords updates on the beforehand proposed transaction relay reliability workshop and CVE-2021-31876. Additionally incorporated are our customary sections describing updates to companies and client utility, restful releases and liberate candidates, and famous changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure utility.


  • Relay reliability workshop scheduled: as talked about in Publication #146, Antoine Riard will likely be web hosting IRC-based mostly conferences to focus on relating to the system to perform unconfirmed transaction relay extra official for contract protocols equivalent to LN, coinswaps, and DLCs. The schedule is:
    • Jun 15th, 19: 00–20: 30 UTC: tricks about L2 protocols onchain security perform; coordination of base-layer security disclosures; plump-RBF proposal
    • June 22nd (same time): generic layer two charge bumping aged (equivalent to kit relay)
    • June 29th (same time): reserved for added discussion
  • CVE-2021-31876 BIP125 implementation discrepancy practice up: after the publication of closing week’s publication, there became as soon as extra discussion relating to the discrepancy between BIP125 decide-in Change-by-Rate (RBF) and Bitcoin Core’s implementation. Olaoluwa Osuntokun confirmed that the btcd plump node implements BIP125 as specified, that means it does allow child transactions to get replaced in line with inherited signaling. Ruben Somsen neatly-known that a hypothetical variation of spacechains, a kind of 1-methodology pegged sidechain, would possibly per chance well per chance be tormented by the concern. On the more than just a few hand, Antoine “Darosior” Poinsot talked about that the Revault vault architecture wouldn’t be affected.

Changes to companies and client utility

In this month-to-month characteristic, we spotlight attention-grabbing updates to Bitcoin wallets and companies.

  • helps segwit: v4.49.1 of’s pockets adds the flexibility to perform a pockets with native segwit ship and procure toughen.
  • Sparrow 1.4.0 released: Sparrow 1.4.0 adds the flexibility to perform a child will pay for parent (CPFP) transaction from the transaction record conceal, individual-defined charge quantities for the length of coin decision, and diverse varied enhancements.
  • Electrum 4.1.0 enhances Lightning facets: Electrum 4.1.0 adds trampoline funds, multipath funds, channel backups, and varied Lightning facets. Additionally, this model of Electrum helps bech32m.
  • BlueWallet v6.1.0 released: BlueWallet’s v6.1.0 liberate adds Tor toughen, SLIP39 toughen, and efficiency for utilizing PSBTs with HD take a look at-most effective wallets.

Releases and liberate candidates

New releases and liberate candidates for popular Bitcoin infrastructure projects. Please occupy in mind upgrading to restful releases or helping to take a look at liberate candidates.

  • LND 0.13.0-beta.rc2 is a liberate candidate that adds toughen for utilizing a pruned Bitcoin plump node, lets in receiving and sending funds utilizing Atomic MultiPath (AMP), and increases its PSBT capabilities, among varied enhancements and malicious program fixes.

Critical code and documentation changes

Critical changes this week in Bitcoin Core, C-Lightning, Eclair, LND, Rust-Lightning, libsecp256k1, Hardware Pockets Interface (HWI), Rust Bitcoin, BTCPay Server, Bitcoin Development Proposals (BIPs), and Lightning BOLTs.

  • Bitcoin Core #21462 adds tooling for testifying to outputs of Guix builds and verifying these attestations in opposition to those of others. After this alternate, Dwelling windows and macOS code signing live the most effective missing fragment forward of Guix builds attain characteristic-parity with Gitian builds.
  • Bitcoin Core GUI #280 prevents showing invalid Bitcoin addresses in an error dialog, casting off the flexibility to display conceal an arbitrary message in an official-attempting dialog. A easy “invalid handle” error is now displayed instead. (Look the PR for illustrative forward of and after screenshots.)
  • Bitcoin Core #21359 updates the fundrawtransaction, ship and walletcreatefundedpsbt RPCs with a restful include_unsafe parameter that would possibly per chance well per chance be feeble to exhaust unconfirmed UTXOs created by varied customers in the transaction. This lets in charge bumping a transaction utilizing CPFP and became as soon as added for that reason by a developer engaged on enforcing anchor outputs in the Eclair LN node. The likelihood ought to most effective be feeble when the major, as unconfirmed transactions created by varied customers would possibly per chance well per chance get replaced, that would possibly per chance well per chance forestall any child transactions from being confirmed.
  • LND #5291 improves the methodology LND ensures that PSBTs for funding transactions most effective exhaust segwit UTXOs. LN requires segwit UTXOs in advise to forestall txid malleability from making refund transactions unspendable. LND beforehand checked this by attempting for the WitnessUtxo self-discipline in the PSBT, nonetheless this self-discipline is technically optionally available for segwit UTXOs and so some PSBT creators don’t provide it. The updated code will use the offered charge if display conceal or, if it’s no longer display conceal, scan the UTXO affirm for the the major knowledge.
  • LND #5274 limits the most amount of funds the node reserves to allow CPFP charge bumping for anchor outputs to ten times the per-channel amount. For nodes with tremendous numbers of channels, this limits their capital requirements. Within the event that they need to shut extra than 10 channels, they can use the funds got from closing one channel to shut the next channel in a domino invent.
  • LND #5256 lets in reading the pockets passphrase from a file. This is basically intended for container-based mostly setups where the passphrase is already kept in a file, so utilizing that file straight doesn’t perform any extra security complications.
  • LND #5253 adds toughen for Atomic Multipath Payment (AMP) invoices in the end of excessive-level LND RPC instructions equivalent to SendPayment, AddInvoice, and SubscribeInvoice. AMP invoices are currently an LND-most effective characteristic and most effective fetch HTLCs that have the AMP characteristic bits affirm as neatly as an AMP payload. This extends prior work that enabled use of AMP by offering manually specfied charge parameters to the SendPayment RPC.
  • Libsecp256k1 #850 adds a secp256k1_ec_pubkey_cmp methodology that compares two public keys and returns which one of them forms sooner than the more than just a few (or returns that they’re equal). This became as soon as proposed to be used with BIP67 key sorting, particularly as feeble with the sortedmulti output script descriptor.

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