Celsius vs. Hodlnaut: Which is the Better Crypto Passion Chronicle?

Celsius vs. Hodlnaut: Which is the Better Crypto Passion Chronicle?

Celsius vs. Hodlnaut is an though-provoking comparability between two internationally headquartered crypto pastime merchandise. Both platforms enable cryptocurrency holders to map a quite passive yield on their digital resources.

The next review explores the differences between both platforms, examining security, APY choices, community belief, and customer support.

Celsius is a UK-basically basically based firm headquartered in London. A crypto mature, Celsius launched in 2017 and has over $24.3B in resources below its management from over 1 million customers.

Celsius is strange in that it distributes 80% of its income to its community by rewards for customers who retain its native token, CEL. Rewards vary in accordance with the amount of CEL customers retain. Holders additionally revel in the abet of earning more pastime on their tokens; nonetheless, this option isn’t on hand for U.S. customers, yet. The platform is on the market by web and cell apps on Android and iOS.

Celsius supports 40+ resources, including BTC, ETH, USDC, GUSD, PAXG, LINK, and LTC. Customers can map as a lot as 6.20% APY on BTC, as a lot as 5.35% APY on ETH, 3% on LINK, and 4.08% on LTC. Customers additionally map 8.88% APY on stablecoins take care of USDC and GUSD.

Hodlnaut is a Singaporean-headquartered crypto pastime provider and is a relatively newer firm. It launched in 2019 and has $500M+ in resources below management over 10K customers.

Hodlnaut supports six resources; BTC, WBTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI. Customers can map as a lot as 7.46% on BTC, WBTC, and ETH; as a lot as 8.32% on DAI; and 12.73% on USDC and USDT. The Hodlnaut platform is on the market by web and iOS apps. As of this writing, Hodlnaut is no longer on hand on Android.

Celsius and Hodlnaut fill strange advantages, so let’s explore which platform is the simpler cryptocurrency pastime tale for you.

Celsius vs. Hodlnaut: Key Info




Region London Singapore
Newbie-Friendly Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes, on Android and iOS Yes, on iOS
Available Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, LTC, GUSD, 30+ others BTC, WBTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI
Firm Delivery 2017 2019
Neighborhood Have faith Pudgy Pudgy
Security Pudgy Pudgy
Buyer Toughen Pudgy Factual
Costs Very Low Low
Evaluations Read our Celsius review Read our Hodlnaut review
Self-discipline/Promotions and Signup Bonuses Perform as a lot as $50 by signing up for a Celsius tale. Perform as a lot as $20 must always you join a Hodlnaut and deposit as a lot as $1000.

Feature #1: Passion Charges — Who Has Better APY, Celsius or Hodlnaut?


Celsius and Hodlnaut offer tiered charges on Bitcoin, that system your APY drops off after a definite threshold of resources held.

On Celsius, customers map:

  • 6.20% on 0 – 1 BTC
  • 3.51% on >1 BTC

Hodlnaut charges are significantly better:

  • 7.46% on <2 BTC
  • 4.08% on <8 BTC
  • 2.02% on <90 BTC
  • 1% on 100+ BTC

Celsius’s rates on Bitcoin and Ether: APY offerings

Hodlnaut’s interest rates:

Hodlnaut's interest rates as of 30/7/2021. (Source: Hodlnaut)


Celsius offers:

  • 5.35% on 0 – 1 ETH
  • 5.05% on >1 ETH

All all over again, Hodlnaut’s APY choices are considerably better. Customers map:

  • 7.46% on <20 ETH
  • 4.08% on <80 ETH
  • 2.02% on 100+ ETH


The attach Hodlnaut provides tiered charges on three stablecoins, Celsius provides fastened charges on over ten stablecoins.

Hodlnaut’s charges on USDC:

  • 12.73% on 0 – 25,000 USDC
  • 7.25% on 25,000 – 100,000 USDC
  • 3.56% on 100,000 – 500,000 USDC
  • 2.80% on 500,000+ USDC

Hodlnaut’s charges on USDT:

  • 12.73% on 0 – 25,000 USDT
  • 7.25% on 25,000 – 100,000 USDT
  • 4.60% on 100,000 – 500,000 USDT
  • 3.04% on 500,000+ USDT

Hodlnaut’s charges on DAI:

  • 8.32% on 0 – 25,000 USDC
  • 5.12% on 25,000 – 100,000 USDC
  • 3.56% on 100,000 – 500,000 USDC
  • 2.02% on 500,000+ USDC

Celsius’s stablecoin charges for U.S. customers are 8.8% APY on TUSD, GUSD, PAX, USDC, USDT ERC20, TGBP, TAUD, THKD, TCAD, BUSD, ZUSD, and 4.60% on MCDAI.

If they get their pastime in CEL, world customers can map as a lot as 11.21% APY (as yet some other of 8.88%) and as a lot as 5.78% APY on MCDAI.

Winner: Hodlnaut provides more competitive charges across the board with more lenient limits. Then once more, there aren’t as many resources to purchase from, so Celsius earns some significant components for its intensive option of supported resources. As an illustration, Celsius provides yield on DeFi tokens take care of AAVE and Compound.

APY rates

How Discontinue Celsius and Hodlnaut Procure Money?

The commonplace cryptocurrency pastime tale mannequin is lending user deposits at a better price than it will pay depositors, making a income on the margin. Most corporations ceaselessly lend resources to institutional or commercial collectors, even supposing they don’t ceaselessly portray in ingredient who the borrowing parties are.

Celsius claims to mortgage to both commercial and institutional borrowers. Hodlnaut claims to simplest mortgage to institutions, besides to through lending to decentralized protocols.

Hodlnaut outlines its borrower vetting task:

Hodlnaut's lending practices: Interview

Comments to CoinCentral in our Hodlnaut interview.

Celsius and Hodlnaut are both basically basically based outdoors the U.S., so readers may perhaps perhaps well fair get themselves at a shortage of familiarity with the regulations the corporations basically adhere to.

Cryptocurrency resources held in Celsius and Hodlnaut aren’t FDIC insured, which is fashioned for most cryptocurrency merchandise. Funds held in Celsius and Hodlnaut (or any assorted cryptocurrency tale) are never fully risk-free.

Both Celsius and Hodlnaut require collectors to submit collateral to combat the risk of borrower defaults. Customers must always retain resources at the least twice the payment of their mortgage amount to qualify for a mortgage. Celsius and Hodlnaut require no much less than 50% LTV for borrowers, going as a lot as 150% on Celsius and 70% on Hodlnaut.

Listed right here are Celsius’ procedures in the case of a borrower default:

What Celsius does when a borrower defaults

Hodlnaut’s procedures for borrower defaults:

Procedures in case of a default

Feature #2: Payouts and Withdrawals

On Celsius, withdrawals above $150,000 can employ as a lot as 48 hours to be launched, as they’re processed manually. Celsius additionally has a $600,000 withdrawal limit per 24 hours. The firm does no longer trace withdrawal, origination, transfer, deposit, or assorted charges, and customers can withdraw their resources at any time.

Hodlnaut additionally lets its customers withdraw at any time, nonetheless has a withdrawal limit of 100 BTC on each day foundation for accounts that fill accomplished KYC verification. Hodlnaut charges withdrawal charges reckoning on the asset. Right here’s a breakdown:

Hodlnaut's Transaction Fees as of 17/08/2021

Passion is compounded every Monday on both Celsius and Hodlnaut.

Winner: Celsius. With zero charges across the board, Celsius wins in this class.

Feature #3: Celsius vs. Hodlnaut Security

Platform Security

Celsius has a slew of user-coping with security parts to make sure its platform is safe from hacks, equivalent to pin requirements, 2-ingredient authentication, biometric security, and extra opt-in parts take care of email verification when changing your wallet handle, an handle whitelisting feature, and handbook verification when trying to withdraw resources price over $150,000.

One other at hand security feature is Celsius’ HODL mode, an opt-in feature the attach customers must always struggle through a 24-hour waiting length earlier than any withdrawals are confirmed, which provides Celsius more time to answer if your tale has been hacked.

How to secure your Celsius account

Holdnaut’s security parts comprise 2-ingredient authentication, a pin and biometric authentication. The platform additionally has a safelisting feature that permits withdrawals to a list of identified wallet addresses simplest.

Fund Security

Celsius’ custodians are Fireblocks and PrimeTrust, which attach user resources in a mixture of chilly storage and insured hot wallets. Whereas Fireblocks provides some insurance on digital resources, it does no longer duvet resources when they’re loaned and pace away Celsius to generate yield.

In April 2021, Celsius’ email distribution servers had been hacked. Malicious actors gained procure entry to to the contact facts of some customers and performed an email and SMS phishing assault leading to the loss of some customers’ funds.

Following the assault, CEO Alex Mashinsky talked about, “Now we fill step by step communicated to our customers and may perhaps perhaps well fair proceed to beef up that Celsius acquired’t ever quiz for passwords, non-public keys, seed phrases, and more than a few confidential user credentials.”

Hodlnaut’s predominant custodian is Fireblocks, so user resources are once more saved in a mixture of offline chilly storage and insured hot wallets. Fireblocks claims to make sure that the entire thing of a given user’s deposit is infrequently ever in the identical place right this moment.

Right here is through a partnership with Nexus Mutual, which lets Hodlnaut insure user resources even after they’re deployed to map yield. That’s sizable for the crypto notify, as most platforms haven’t equipped identical insurance choices. For the time being, Hodlnaut’s insurance with Nexus caps at $22M, which sounds correct variety in theory, nonetheless it absolutely is simplest about 4.4% of the platform’s complete resources below management.

As of this writing, Hodlnaut has never been hacked.

Winner: It’s a shut bustle. Both platforms fill enterprise-commonplace security, and whereas Celsius’s HODL feature provides its customers more choices to guard themselves against a hack, Hodlnaut’s optional insurance duvet permits them to additional proper their funds. Then once more, Hodlnaut wins in this class for its enterprise-leading insurance choices.

Feature #4: Celsius vs. Hodlnaut Ease of Utilize

Both Celsius and Hodlnaut are beginner-pleasant. Whereas Celsius is on the market by web, Android, and iOS apps, Hodlnaut’s platform is on hand by web and its iOS application, which used to be launched mid-2021.

Winner: Celsius provides customers the technique to position up their resources on the pace by apps or procure a broader gaze of their crypto portfolio with a web based app. On the quite lots of hand, Hodlnaut customers on Android can simplest procure entry to the platform through its web app.

Celsius and Hodlnaut Bonuses and Standout Capabilities

With HODL mode, Celsius lets customers disable any outgoing task on their tale, serving to customers double their security if they know they acquired’t be withdrawing for some time. CelPay, yet some other in-constructed feature, permits customers to map purchases by transferring crypto from their accounts.

Hodlnaut’s TokenSwap is a at hand tool that lets customers alternate currencies straight in the app. It lets customers convert BTC to ETH or USDC to BTC, wrap and unwrap their BTC, and more.

Buyer Provider

Celsius’ dedicated Abet Middle contains FAQs on most questions a unusual user would fill, and permits customers to post a relief attach a question to and get enhance by email.

The Court docket of Public Thought: Celsius vs. Hodlnaut Reddit

Reddit evaluations of Celsius are largely supportive, citing its security parts, fashioned AMAs with CEO Alex Machinsky, and rewards as positives.

Celsius review

Celsius review by u/PolarBearToenails99

Hodlnaut customers on Reddit are largely appreciative of the platform’s enterprise-leading pastime charges and the lag and accessibility of enhance.

Hodlnaut review by u/blahblahflyhighhigh on Reddit

Hodlnaut review by u/blahblahflyhighhigh

Celsius vs. Hodlnaut Analysis Final Thoughts: Which is The Better Crypto Passion Chronicle?

Doubtlessly the simplest way to gaze the Celsius vs. Hodlnaut comparability is by realizing how Hodlnaut fits into the hot cryptocurrency pastime tale landscape.

Celsius has been round since 2017 and has gathered an AUM of $24.3B and over 1,000,000 customers– Hodlnaut is newer and simplest has a portion. Then once more, the explanation a comparability take care of Celsius vs. Hodlnaut is being made is attributable to Hodlnaut’s positioning in a without word rising market.

Hodlnaut provides a pair of of the enterprise’s perfect charges; as a lot as 7.46% APY on BTC and ETH and as a lot as 12.73% on stablecoins take care of USDC and USDT. When put next with Celsius on charges on my own ( 6.20% APY on BTC, as a lot as 5.35% on ETH, as a lot as 8.88% on stablecoins), Hodlnaut is the simpler option.

Then once more, Celsius makes for an even bigger crypto pastime tale attributable to its recognition and longevity in the enterprise– something Hodlnaut absolutely aspires to attain in the arrival decade. Celsius takes the cake for a pair of more causes:

  1. Its Perform in ELl option permits customers to map more.
  2. It does no longer trace any charges.
  3. It supports 40+ resources. Hodlnaut for the time being simplest supports six tokens – no longer lots when put next to Celsius’ 40+ supported resources.

Hodlnaut customers pace away determined evaluations of its enhance and customer support, and the firm’s optional insurance duvet through Nexus Mutual is an enterprise vogue we hope to be taught about more of.

Then once more, customers who’re looking out to employ abet of both Hodlnaut’s better pastime charges and Celsius’ wider vary of resources may perhaps perhaps well purchase to diversify by conserving <2 BTC at 7.46% APY in Hodlnaut, and one or much less BTC on Celsius, or a equally priceless mix.

We uncover that customers construct their possess learn into these platforms and decide the dangers themselves.

CoinCentral readers can procure as a lot as $50 when they join a Celsius tale, or as a lot as $20 by signing up for and depositing $1000 right into a Hodlnaut tale.

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