Celsius vs. Voyager: Crypto Hobby Epic Apps Overview

Celsius vs. Voyager: Crypto Hobby Epic Apps Overview

Celsius vs. Voyager is a comparison typically made by other folks who possess currently stumbled on the existence of cryptocurrency ardour accounts. Each and each Celsius and Voyager mean which it is most likely you’ll additionally acquire ardour on your lazy cryptocurrency resources nonetheless possess some meaningful variations.

Basically based in 2017, Celsius Community is believed about one of the most “blue chip” cryptocurrency borrowing and lending platforms. Founder and CEO Alex Mashinsky designed Celsius as a technique to democratize the lending landscape, and the app permits users to acquire ardour on their deposited cryptocurrency, or borrow cash by placing their crypto as collateral.

Voyager Invest started as a cryptocurrency exchange, and Voyager Invest Ltd. is known as a publicly traded company, which is a rarity amongst cryptocurrency ardour accounts. The platform also permits users to acquire ardour on their digital resources. It stands out amongst exchanges for its employ of a hidden-spread trading model in prefer to charging users flat-price prices for transactions, which typically makes it more affordable to bewitch crypto.

The following Celsius vs. Voyager evaluation goes through the nitty-gritty of every unheard of business model, the professionals and cons of every option, and how Celsius and Voyager compare to 1 one other.

By the tip of this guide, you should be ready to carry out a extra expert resolution on getting started with either platform or true dipping your toes into the cryptocurrency ardour yarn location

Celsius vs Voyager: Key Details

Celsius Voyager
Critiques Celsius Community Overview Voyager Invest Overview
Discipline Form Crypto lending app with borrowing and lending Crypto exchange + crypto ardour yarn
Beginner Friendly Yes Yes
Cell App Yes Yes
Clutch/Deposit Strategies Crypto deposits, debit card, financial institution transfer Debit card, bank card, financial institution wire, exterior crypto transfer
Sell/Withdrawal Strategies Exterior crypto wallet transfer Exterior crypto wallet transfer
Readily available within the market Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Link, and loads of different others Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and around 60 others
Company Launch 2017 2017
Build aside London, England Jersey Metropolis, Contemporary Jersey, United States
Community Belief Huge Huge
Security Staunch Unclear
Customer Enhance Huge Okay
Verification Required (KYC) Yes Yes
Bills Perfect (there are none) Okay (uses a hidden spread in prefer to flat prices)
Discipline + Promo $40 BTC notice-up bonus after transferring $400+ for 30 days on Celsius. $25 in BTC notice in bonus when transferring and trading $100 on Voyager

Company Bios: Celsius vs. Voyager

Alex Mashinsky and Daniel Leon created Celsius in 2017. The company raised approximately $100 million through private funding rounds.

This day, Celsius manages about $16 billion in community resources and has around 850,000 users.

Voyager changed into as soon as also launched in 2017. It changed into as soon as essentially based by Gaspard de Dreuzy, Oscar Salazar, Philip Eytan, Serge Kreiker, and Stephen Ehrlich.

The company has raised true over $100 million in private funding.

Voyager is actively traded on the Canadian Stock Alternate. It IPOd under the ticker image VYGR on February 11th, 2019. The stock debuted at $0.95 and typically exchange true above $3.00.

Feature #1: Hobby Rates: Who Has Increased APY, Celsius or Voyager?

Customers that retailer cryptocurrency resources on Celsius and Voyager can acquire ardour for doing so, nonetheless the platforms fluctuate in just a few important strategies.

Rate modifications: Celsius modifications its ardour rates each week and Voyager modifications its rates each month. The figures lined listed right here might well additionally merely fluctuate from what you see on the app, nonetheless true know each platforms tend to change their rates as a response to market conditions and the lending landscape.


  • Celsius for the time being presents 6.2% APY for a user’s first BTC and 3.51% for any additional BTC.
  • Voyager presents 5.75% APY on all of a customer’s BTC nonetheless requires users to retain a minimal steadiness of 0.01 BTC to acquire any ardour.


  • Celsius presents 5.35% APY for a customer’s first 100 ETH and 5.05% for any additional ETH.
  • Voyager presents 4.6% APY on ETH and requires a user to retain a minimal steadiness of 0.5 ETH to acquire ardour.


Coin Title Celsius Community Voyager
Aave 5.92% 3.00%
Chainlink 3.00% 4.50%
Bitcoin Money 4.51% 2.00%
Compound 4.60% 4.00%
Flee 4.60% 3.00%
Cosmos N/A 3.00%
Cardano N/A 5.25%
Dogecoin N/A 2.00%
Litecoin 3.51% 5.50%
Polkadot 8.86% 12.00%


Coin Celsius Community Voyager
Tether 8.88% N/A
GUSD 8.88% N/A
USDC 8.88% N/A

The winner: Celsius Community. 

Celsius presents better APY for digital resources than Voyager by about 1% to 2%, even supposing Voyager does preserve with Polkadot, offering a whopping 12% APY on the token.

You perchance can snag a $40 BTC bonus when depositing $400 or extra on Celsius for 30 days, and a $25 bonus when trading $100+ on Voyager.

How Have Celsius and Voyager Worth Money?

Celsius makes cash by lending out the resources that it holds for a elevated ardour price than what it pays out to users. For instance, it might well lend out Bitcoin at a price of 9%, nonetheless it pays users a price of 6.2%.

There are some risks inherent to this earnings-producing task. But Celsius claims to over-collateralized its loans, which makes defaults moderately now not going.

Voyager generates earnings with a hidden spread that it employs when users exchange crypto on the platform. The company’s CEO claims Voyager can employ its hidden-spread system with out impacting its customers’ profitability.

On the opposite hand, actual-world outcomes expose this isn’t exactly appropriate. A wide differ of Redditors and reviewers file that Voyager’s hidden-spread system does price them cash.

For instance, it might well quote any individual a notice of $32,000 for 1 BTC. If the user makes the bewitch, Voyager might well additionally merely really most effective pause up paying $31,975 for the BTC. The company would carry out $25 on the transaction.

The downside with this form is that users who pick cryptocurrency through Voyager lose cash straight on any funding they carry out if it uses a hidden spread.

For instance, if Voyager’s hidden spread is 0.5%, which procedure they’re really charging you 0.5% better than the market value to your bewitch. Within the event you tried to straight promote the coin, it is most likely you’ll well well be down 0.5% on the funding.

Feature #2: Payouts and Withdrawals

Celsius pays users the eagerness they acquire each Monday. The company also lets users withdraw their funds at any time when they need with out additional prices. Customers who prefer to withdraw better than $50,000 in a 24-hour interval will true prefer to wait 24-48 hours for their transaction to process.

Voyager most effective pays out ardour month-to-month. On the opposite hand, the company doesn’t possess any lockups or limits. On the opposite hand, it’s value noting that Voyager for the time being would now not enable for users to withdraw cryptocurrency resources– they must promote them for USD. This might well additionally merely incur a doable tax liability, so be acutely aware.

So, if it is most likely you’ll well well esteem to transfer crypto from Voyager to Celsius, hypothetically, it is most likely you’ll well well prefer to put it on the market for USD, transfer that USD to an exchange that enables for the surface withdrawal of crypto resources, pick the BTC, and then send it– which is a form of work.

The winner: Celsius. Weekly ardour beats month-to-month ardour, and it capacity that you can send and rep cryptocurrency resources.

Feature #3: Celsus vs. Voyager Security

Celsius uses a system known as multiparty computation (MPC) to glean its users’ funds. Here is moderate for the cryptocurrency ardour yarn business.

The Celsius Community also entails a host of user-going through security aspects, including:

  • 2-element authentication
  • PINs
  • Picture and video security
  • Biometric security ideas
  • Email and manual verifications for withdrawals

Voyager isn’t as sure about its security practices. The company has FDIC insurance for up to $250,000 of its users’ USD funds. But, esteem each other cryptocurrency ardour yarn supplier, it doesn’t offer insurance for cryptocurrency resources. The company presents 2-element authentication nonetheless it doesn’t promote any additional security aspects for its users.

The winner: Celsius. It has a broader suite of security ideas for cryptocurrency resources than Voyager.

Feature #4: Ease of Utilize

One lope point of a Celsius vs. Voyager comparison is that each are extremely intuitive cell apps. Each and each started as apps and honed in on simplifying the user abilities. Each and each companies emphasize the vitality of cell investing heavily, and possess constructed their platforms accordingly.

Celsius also has a web app for users who preserve to make employ of a pc to entry their accounts whereas Voyager would now not.

Inexperienced persons will acquire each Celsius and Voyager straightforward ample to make employ of.

Each and each companies enable debit, credit, and financial institution transfer deposits, which makes it straightforward for a contemporary cryptocurrency investor to initiate making an strive to hunt down resources straight.

The winner: tie. Even supposing their mutual UI/UX groups might well additionally merely grit their enamel at this, each Celsius and Voyager offer comparable cell experiences.

Celsius vs. Voyager: Standout Aspects

Celsius’ standout characteristic is the company’s native cryptocurrency asset, CEL. Customers who select to borrow and carry out payments with CEL can rep up to a 25% crop value on ardour. 

Global users even possess the option of accepting ardour payments in CEL in prefer to the resources they deposit, typically enabling them to acquire a elevated ardour price.

Voyager also has a native token, VGX. The company presents “ardour boosts”, which offer an additional 1% APR on lope cash, which exchange all 365 days long. Customers must retain in any case 2,500 VGX to qualify.

Moreover, Voyager’s promise of no-price trading will likely be considered as a standout characteristic. But the company’s hidden spread system typically negates any savings that a user might well well rep from now not having to pay flat-price prices for trades.

The Court of Public Realizing: Celsius Community vs. Voyager Reddit

Reddit doesn’t appear to possess any favorites referring to Celsius and Voyager. Most users behold the two platforms as rather equal from a competitive standpoint.

Many Redditors counsel preserving up with the changing rates equipped by Celsius and Voyager and intriguing resources to whichever platform presents essentially the most ardour in a given time body.

That being mentioned, Voyager is essentially designed to be a cryptocurrency exchange whereas Celsius changed into as soon as designed as an ardour yarn.

Celsius Community vs. Voyager Customer Enhance

Customers can acquire in contact with Celsius by either filling out a web contact fabricate or calling 201-824-2888. The company claims to present 24/7 customer serve nonetheless doesn’t command which contact methodology to make employ of for it.

Voyager’s customer serve is a exiguous bare-bones. The cryptocurrency platform has a web contact fabricate for its customers to procure out nonetheless doesn’t offer any additional contact strategies.

Can You Belief Celsius Community and Voyager?

Celsius is opinion of as a really actual cryptocurrency ardour yarn platform. It has better than 850,000 users and manages virtually $16 billion in crypto resources. A third-event marketing server that Celsius uses changed into as soon as breached in 2021. But users’ funds had been never in wretchedness so long as they didn’t tumble victim to phishing emails.

Voyager suffered a DNS assault in 2021 in addition to, nonetheless its users’ funds weren’t threatened. The company has been around since 2017 and is publicly traded.

Celsius Community vs. Voyager: Which is the Better Crypto Hobby Epic?

Voyager presents a graceful cell app for making an strive to hunt down and selling cryptocurrency resources, nonetheless it doesn’t enable for the withdrawal of mentioned resources. Its cryptocurrency ardour yarn characteristic is above-moderate for the business.

Our Celsius vs Voyager prognosis has lope that Celsius Community is the easier cryptocurrency ardour yarn for just a few reasons:

  1. It presents elevated APY on virtually each asset, in addition to Polkadot.
  2. Celsius is a born, bred, and bona fide cryptocurrency ardour yarn and has a popularity as such as ethical as or better than any of its competitors.
  3. Celsius presents an exchange characteristic.

On the opposite hand, each platforms aren’t mutually uncommon to 1 one other.

Some users preserve to bewitch and promote cryptocurrency on Voyager because it has a much less advanced fiat-to-crypto on-ramp. Voyager is better when in contrast to a Robinhood of sorts, on this form.

Other users preserve to retailer their cryptocurrency on Celsius as an extended-timeframe technique to acquire ardour.

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