Intel publishes Xe-HPG graphics event teaser

Intel publishes Xe-HPG graphics event teaser

Intel Graphics has shared a stirring 3D rendered animation designed to tease the delivery of its Xe-HPG graphics cards. I’ve embedded the teaser below, which involves a short video you’ll want to maybe maybe maybe presumably peep. You must maybe maybe maybe presumably also additionally scrutinize some descriptive textual jabber, confirming that here’s certainly an Xe-HPG teaser. Nonetheless, at the origin scrutinize you are going to presumably now not scrutinize the rest varied than the flashy graphics within.

In a split-2d detail of the above video you’ll want to maybe maybe maybe presumably appropriate form about make out some binary digits, on the perimeter of the rendered Xe-HPG processor which gather already been decoded by a WCCF Tech reader, to effect a web page. The web page address is of an legit Intel web page for the Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt, as in the screenshot below.

Having visited this web page, it looks admire we most keen gather to support a week to search out out what Intel has in mind for its curiously named event. What is the Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt? Certain, it is an Easter themed discovery event, but is it going to carry extra knowledge regarding the upcoming GPUs, admire efficiency, pricing and free up dates? Are scavengers going to take prizes? It is miles difficult to take hold of, but there is now not long to support to search out out.

Within the meantime, scavengers (does that talk to anybody having a scrutinize to rob a GPU in for the time being and age?) can extinguish some time working on yet one more share of secret code chanced on in the above Twitter teaser video. At around the 17s effect you’ll want to maybe maybe maybe presumably freeze-physique and make out ‘79.0731W’. At the time of writing no person has reach up with any convincing clarification of this code string – can Bit-Tech readers?

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