Leader in Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Metaverse

Leader in Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Metaverse

Interview with Denys Tyshchenko and Isaac Pintosevich. In the spring of 2022, a substantial-scale cryptocurrency match took arrangement — the hole of the Management Academy for MediaCoin. So some distance, there are many firms linked to the cryptocurrency market and investment. How is MediaCoin diverse from others? Why is it involving for bloggers and consultants in cryptocurrencies, NFT and the metaverse? What is strange in regards to the Management Academy mission?

Let’s attempt to acquire out the answers to those and diverse questions this present day. Our guests: Denys Tyshchenko — Advertising Director at MediaCoin, and Isaac Pintosevich — President of the Worldwide Legit Affiliation of IPACT Trainers.

— Hello, dear guests! Thank you for agreeing to private an interview and repeat us the crucial aspects about MediaCoin and namely the Management Academy mission!

Denys, please repeat me what MediaCoin does and what your responsibilities are in the course of the company.

– Hello guys! The MediaCoin company is popularizing cryptocurrencies, teaching of us about cryptocurrencies and making cash from it, whereas allowing of us to band together and rating closer to their idols by the NFT world and the metaverse.

I’m the advertising director and additionally one of many company’s merchants. I’m to blame for the cash to feature accurately, to multiply; for all advertising and promotion of the company worldwide.

— Please repeat me how MediaCoin is diverse from diverse investment firms and what’s the peculiarity of the Management Academy mission.

— MediaCoin devices itself apart: initially, we’re the principle to connect network advertising, NFTs and the metaverse. 2d, we arrangement substantial emphasis on merchandise. In precisely six months, we maintain already purchased our private NFT market, a conventional market where our customers rating reductions. We additionally maintain the principle model of the metaverse popping out subsequent month, where of us will already be ready to make use of it, and intensely rapidly, there is truly a cryptocurrency pockets.

Additionally, we pay numerous attention to coaching. In master courses, we educate: what are cryptocurrencies, how to present cash with them, what’s NFT and metaverse; so the actual person that decides to work with us is conscious. And we maintain the unbelievable Management Academy, which Isaac Pintosevich is to blame for. Resulting from him, of us that come to the platform no longer greatest seek for the sector of cryptocurrencies, however additionally the sector of awareness. Additionally, Sergey Sevastyan, the CEO of the company and I, are going to launch crypto coaching subsequent month, and each user will mute maintain that coaching.

— Denys, how did you give you the premise to rating Management Academy?

— The inspiration of increasing Management Academy came about simply attributable to I in actuality maintain been working in network advertising for over seven years. I continually focal level on teaching of us, attributable to I’ve taught over 4,000 of us how to commerce. I realize that the indispensable part in existence is to learn. If an particular person has knowledge and then begins to behave, he’s going to maintain 100% results. And most importantly, he/she’s going to produce fewer mistakes, so we be conscious the path of coaching of us.

“Isaac, please repeat me why you agreed to take part in this mission and what views you seen.

— To begin with, this present day, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the metaverse are novel and lengthening spheres. We maintain now to innovate. The novel is where you would prefer be, in the event you are seeking to fabricate and develop, you indubitably maintain to be with whoever is on the forefront, on the forefront. So I determined to birth taking part with MediaCoin.

2d, the indispensable part in initiatives is the group. MediaCoin has a bunch of incredibly filled with life and ambitious of us. I continually revel in being with these of us and working. That’s primarily the indispensable to success. The ambition and vitality of the leaders, combined with the professionalism of the group they are share of, guarantee ends in the initiatives. They invited me, this proves no longer greatest their ambition and vitality however additionally their highest intelligence. They invite the correct in every field to collaborate on the mission.

Thirdly, MediaCoin is an worldwide mission that spreads in the course of the sector, as is the IPACT (Worldwide Legit Affiliation of Coaches and Trainers), which I lead. We maintain now a the same ideology: going to the sector, an worldwide with out boundaries. This day, cryptocurrency connects your whole world, all worldwide locations. It’s some distance the handiest form of price. As IPACT is worldwide, so is MediaCoin.

— Isaac, please repeat us about your vast abilities in the sector of coaching and coaching.

I in actuality maintain been working in the training field since 2006. In the birth, I was an organization trainer, I taught firms bask in Visa, MasterCard, Deloitte, Procter & Gamble, the indispensable firms on this planet, I taught my techniques, which I invented myself. After that, I created my very private strange form of coaching called “The Contemporary Coaching Code”. I additionally created Isaac Pintosevich Programs, which was one of primarily the most winning firms in the put up-Soviet arrangement, which I later sold. Bigger than 100,000 of my college students maintain organized IPACT. And I headed it, I’m the president of this affiliation. This non-profit group helps coaches work with quality so as that the market receives the correct coaching products and companies. So in the event you declare trainings, coaching programs someplace, see in the event that they are IPACT popular, that’s a signal of quality.

I’m in a position to claim that, namely in the put up-Soviet arrangement, I went by all areas of the educational industry. I’m a professor of management at Synergy Industrial College. I wrote 14 books, extra than 1,000,000 books sold worldwide. So I in actuality maintain a wide quantity of abilities in training, and all that abilities belongs to IPACT, and the indispensable achievements on this planet are outdated in the MediaCoinLeadership Academy.

— What advantages private Management Academy participants receive from taking your courses and coaching?

— We developed Management Academy namely for MediaCoin. All programs are dedicated to three things: the principle is the targets. Extremely effective, wide leaders maintain ambitious, radiant, and big targets.

The 2nd is efficiency, streak to assemble these targets, including the programs “Winner of Laziness”, “Aja! Fold!” There are programs that elevate internal most efficiency, and the person begins to behave 20 cases extra than before. Immense plan and a ramification of of streak.

The third region of programs are programs that provide management instruments to construct a bunch, motivate a bunch. The chief achieves the plan with the back of the group. These are the advantages that Management Academy participants receive: they learn to region targets, act 20 cases extra difficult than strange of us to assemble targets, and rating and aid groups that can back them assemble these unbelievable targets.

— Denys, discuss in regards to the cases, about what Management Academy participants maintain already completed in the short duration of the mission.

— There are a sizable preference of cases. Other folks that without lengthen understood the essence and started to learn, literally in a month, purchased the cease result x2! The biggest part is to learn and use the knowledge in be conscious. We additionally back with that. There are already of us that, thanks to novel knowledge, maintain extra motivation, laziness goes away, and they also already receive thousands and tens of thousands of bucks.

— What diverse initiatives private you intend to put in force in conserving with MediaCoin?

— In the autumn, we are in a position to maintain the total initiatives that exist in cryptocurrencies. This day, I repeat, that is a product market, where you can be ready to take, thanks to our forex and our contacts, some merchandise at a discount. As an illustration, we promote Apple merchandise 15% more cost effective than the market. A restricted preference of items, however greatest for folk which maintain our forex.

It’s additionally an NFT market where you can be ready to present NFTs and use them in the metaverse.

These are media universes where of us will dance, learn and declare, and media personalities can be fervent there, our private cryptocurrency pockets, which could launch in late July – early August, where of us can be ready to retailer cryptocurrencies. , transfer them, they private no longer must make use of diverse products and companies, most importantly, they’ll be ready to alternate cryptocurrencies for euros internal our pockets, question our card and pay with it.

Additionally, in the summertime, we are in a position to maintain a launch pad, and in the autumn, we are in a position to maintain an replacement. In precisely one yr (we maintain an anniversary in November), we are in a position to construct the total merchandise that are in the cryptocurrency industry this present day. So we are in a position to update the merchandise, add novel things, and give increasingly extra alternatives to our participants.

— Isaac, what private you desire for the reader who needs to replace their existence and fortify their management abilities?

When you happen to are a major, then you would prefer transfer where leaders salvage. When you happen to are seeking to be a major and assemble a plan, you would prefer connect with the of us that assemble it. Whoever you are with, with these of us, you will learn. That is a extremely crucial regulation, which very clearly shows the essence. When you happen to are seeking to be a major and assemble wide targets, whisk where they salvage. Join and work with the correct you can be ready to at MediaCoin and Management Academy. Witness the correct of us to assemble your targets, and your targets can be completed! That’s what I wish for all readers.

— Denys Tyshchenko and Isaac Pintosevich, thank you greatly for the detailed interview! We want you success and prosperity!

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