Linus vs. Voyager Invest: How the Crypto APY Platforms Compare

Linus vs. Voyager Invest: How the Crypto APY Platforms Compare

As soon as you happen to’re weighing your cryptocurrency passion-incomes opportunities, Linus vs. Voyager Invest is a comparability fee making.

On one hand, Linus is in any appreciate times a crypto passion tale you can employ with out ever shopping or keeping cryptocurrency resources yourself. You merely deposit USD, create your APY paid in USD, and withdraw in USD– Linus handles the whole conversions in the encourage-pause. Linus can pay up to 4.5% on USD.

Voyager Invest is a cryptocurrency alternate app that additionally provides passion on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a lot other cryptocurrencies, paid in these cryptos. Voyager provides about 4% on most cryptocurrencies and a whopping 12% on Polkadot. Voyager doesn’t supply passion on USD or stablecoins.

These two companies address two assorted forms of customers:

  1. Linus is better for other folks that don’t are looking out to rob or assign cryptocurrency resources without delay and are OK with a flat 4.5% APY.
  2. Voyager Invest is a smarter replacement for other folks that are looking out to create passion on crypto resources without delay.

But that’s real share of what it is compulsory to clutch to deem between Linus or Voyager, and even the excellent technique to make employ of every companies and products strategically.

Let’s encounter.

Linus vs. Voyager Invest: Key Data

Linus Voyager Invest
Opinions Linus Analysis (Added soon!) Voyager Invest Analysis
Pickle Form Blockchain-basically based excessive yield savings tale Crypto alternate + crypto passion tale
Beginner Friendly Yes Yes
Cell App In type Yes
Snatch/Deposit Solutions Checking tale switch or debit card Debit card, credit rating card, monetary institution wire, exterior crypto switch
Promote/Withdrawal Solutions Checking tale switch External crypto pockets switch
On hand Cryptocurrencies None Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and spherical 60 others
Firm Beginning 2019 2017
Region Brooklyn, NY, USA Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Neighborhood Have confidence Nonetheless growing Massive
Security Good adequate Unclear
Buyer Reinforce Ravishing Good adequate
Verification Required (KYC) Yes Yes
Costs Massive Good adequate (makes employ of a hidden spread system as a substitute of flat expenses)
Pickle + Promo Create $20 when signing up for Linus Create $25 in BTC when shopping and selling up to $100 on Voyager

Firm Bios: Linus vs. Voyager Invest

Linus is a quite recent company; Matt Nemer and Matt Hamilton founded it in 2019 after getting some expertise with companies cherish IBM and BTC, Inc. Linus doesn’t have any traders on tale of it’s tranquil in the pre-seed section of its growth trajectory.

Voyager has been spherical a small longer than Linus. It used to be founded in 2017 by Stephen Ehrlic, Serge Kreiker, Oscar Salazar, Philip Eytan, and Gaspard de Dreuzy.

Voyager Invest is listed on the Canadian Inventory Replace, below the ticker symbol VYGR. It raised $100 million in non-public funding earlier than going public.

Feature #1: Who Pays More, Linus or Voyager?

There is zero overlap between the passion-incomes opportunities equipped by Linus and Voyager Invest.

Linus ultimate accepts USD, and it doesn’t supply passion on any crypto resources.

Voyager, alternatively, ultimate provides passion-incomes opportunities on crypto resources. It doesn’t supply passion on USD or stablecoins.

Linus customers can gather the following APY rates on USD:

  • 4.0% for $1.00 – $2,499.99
  • 4.25% for $2,500 – $9,999.99
  • 4.50% for $10,000+

Since Linus doesn’t supply passion on cryptocurrency resources, the following sections will ultimate focal point on what Voyager provides.


  • Voyager provides 5.75% on the whole BTC that a user stores on the platform, equipped they have a minimal steadiness of 0.01 BTC.


  • Voyager provides 4.6% APY on ETH. But customers have to retain a minimal steadiness of 0.5 ETH to create any passion.


  • Voyager doesn’t supply any passion-incomes opportunities on stablecoins


Cryptocurrency Linus Voyager Invest
Aave N/A 3.00%
Chainlink N/A 4.50%
Bitcoin Money N/A 2.00%
Compound N/A 4.00%
Cosmos N/A 3.00%
Dogecoin N/A 2.00%
Litecoin N/A 5.50%
Polkadot N/A 12.00%

Winner: Voyager wins by offering passion-incomes opportunities on crypto resources, while Linus doesn’t.

Nonetheless, Linus is tranquil a beautiful choice for other folks who’re looking out to throw in some USD to open incomes APY. Search for for yourself and create $20 by signing up for Linus at the present time.

How Attach Linus and Voyager Invest Make Money?

Linus makes its money by taking customers’ funds and the utilization of them to supply liquidity in Ethereum trim contracts. Linus earns passion by doing this and could possibly pay out an undisclosed share of that to its customers while pocketing the comfort.

Voyager makes money by technique of its alternate. It makes employ of a hidden-spread shopping and selling system in which the fee a user can pay for a crypto asset is a small increased than the fee Voyager can pay for it.

This means that Voyager will get a little decrease of every transaction that occurs on its alternate. Most exchanges tag transaction expenses but Voyager’s is in reality hidden, which makes it complicated for a user to set exactly how great they’re being charged for a commerce.

Feature #2: Payouts and Withdrawals

Linus’ payouts and withdrawals are colossal. Users create passion every day and are free to withdraw their money as generally as they want with out incurring any expenses.

Voyager ultimate can pay its customers’ passion month-to-month. It provides limitless penalty-free withdrawals but doesn’t allow customers to withdraw their crypto without delay. As a substitute, any individual must sell their crypto asset and withdraw the USD that they gather from it. This incurs a tax criminal responsibility if earnings had been made.

Winner: Linus wins this category since it’ll pay out passion every day and provides limitless free withdrawals. Chances are high you’ll possibly join Linus right here to create a $20 bonus.

Feature #3: Linus vs. Voyager Invest Security

Both Linus and Voyager Invest are a small in the encourage of the competition by technique of security.

Linus’ security aspects are a work-in-growth. The corporate says it secures customers’ funds with third-party insurance protection and digital asset collateral. But it completely doesn’t fragment ample data about these items for customers to successfully gauge how protective they’re.

Voyager provides 2-ingredient authentication and provides up to $250,000 in insurance for USD funds (point out, this doesn’t duvet crypto resources). But it completely doesn’t present great data beyond that about how it protects its customers’ funds.

Winner: It’s a tie. Neither company provides ample data about its security practices to pronounce apart itself from the other. Neither company has FDIC insurance– your deposits in Linus aren’t held in USD in the encourage-pause, and as well they build now not seem like insured.

Feature #4: Ease of Consume

Linus is amazingly straightforward to make employ of for other folks that aren’t skilled with the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Its vital goal is to supply those that don’t are looking out to have to rob and assign crypto-resources with a capacity to make potentially the most of cryptocurrency passion-incomes opportunities.

With Linus, a crypto newcomer can build gather admission to to a blockchain-basically based excessive yield savings tale real by making a money deposit.

Voyager is additionally very straightforward to make employ of. It has an soft cell app and permits debit, credit rating, and monetary institution switch deposits. The final note downside is that Voyager Invest doesn’t currently have a net app.

Winner: Linus wins right here on tale of it permits customers to assemble admission to cryptocurrency passion-incomes opportunities with out even having to bear crypto resources.

Linus vs. Voyager Invest Standout Aspects

Linus is a quite recent company and is nice-looking out lean by technique of choices at this point. So its vital standout feature is its vital one. That is, giving customers gather admission to to excessive yield-incomes opportunities on the Ethereum blockchain with out ever having to bear a cryptocurrency asset.

Voyager’s standout feature is something the company calls “passion boosts”. If a user holds a minimal of 2,500 VGX (Voyager’s native token), they are able to create an extra 1% APR on qualifying coins.

The Court docket of Public Belief: Linus vs. Voyager Invest Reddit

Linus is tranquil a brand recent company so it hasn’t been talked about as great as its opponents have on Reddit. That being talked about, Redditors seem to mediate that the hazards of the utilization of Linus don’t outweigh the advantages.

Linus vs. Voyager Invest: How the Crypto APY Platforms Compare

That is a authentic point. But it completely neglects to consume into consideration that Linus’ vital audience is those that wouldn’t rob and assign cryptocurrency themselves.

Americans on Reddit usually have sure things to direct about Voyager Invest. They cherish the company’s passion rates and seem to belief it.

Linus vs. Voyager Invest: How the Crypto APY Platforms Compare

Linus vs. Voyager Invest Buyer Reinforce

Voyager ultimate has a net based contact invent that customers can comprise out with their questions and concerns.

Can You Have confidence Linus and Voyager Invest?

Linus is a brand recent company that hasn’t gotten great of a chance to create a reputation for itself yet. The early signs from the company’s public beta are factual but chance-averse people could possibly merely are looking out to again somewhat longer for Linus to utterly build itself earlier than storing a colossal sequence of funds on the platform.

Voyager skilled a DNS attack in 2021 but its customers’ funds had been never threatened. The corporate has been spherical for what portions to a extraordinarily long time in the cryptocurrency industry and has never given customers a reason to distrust it.

Final Thoughts: Which is the Higher Crypto Passion Account, Linus or Voyager Invest?

Linus and Voyager Invest address two assorted markets. The selection that’s ultimate for you are going to rely on what you’re shopping for.

As soon as you happen to don’t are looking out to have to rob and assign cryptocurrency resources, then rating Linus. It permits customers to make potentially the most of cryptocurrency passion-incomes opportunities with straightforward money deposits.

But while you happen to determine on to have to create passion in your crypto resources, then Voyager Invest is the simpler option. It provides exact rates on most important cryptocurrencies and has a built a reputation for trustworthiness.

Chances are high you’ll possibly salvage a $25 bonus on Voyager while you happen to commerce a minimal of $100, and you can gather $20 when signing up for Linus.

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