Panther Protocol Partners with Polygon to Introduce Core Privateness Facets in DeFi

Panther Protocol Partners with Polygon to Introduce Core Privateness Facets in DeFi

Blockchain privateness protocol Panther Protocol has revealed a strategic partnership with Ethereum Layer-2 scaling blockchain Polygon. The collaboration is anticipated to guide to novel innovations throughout the Panther Protocol ecosystem. 

A Collaborative Partnership 

Panther Protocol will carry out its MVP mission on Polygon to introduce interoperable privateness and compliance-friendly selective disclosure mechanisms to the Polygon network as section of the partnership.

Polygon will provide technical toughen and lend a hand Panther collaborate with projects within its ecosystem to combine privateness capabilities that empower pause-customers. Here is per the mission of Panther Protocol in giving institutions and fintech companies a favorable direction in direction of non-public and compliant DeFi.

Panther offers a exact atmosphere that promotes the privateness of digital property. It makes command of zkSNARK technology, allowing customers to mint totally collateralized, privateness-enhanced zero-knowledge property (zAssets) by depositing their digital property from any blockchain protocol into Panther vaults.

The initiate of the MVP will enable Panther customers to construct up accumulate admission to with zAssets, which provide privateness whereas maintaining DeFi composability. One of the necessary capabilities that will likely be included within the Panther MVP include:

Shielding and Deshielding of property – the root for zAssets to operate

Non-public transfer of property

Voluntary Corpulent disclosure of chosen transactions and their linkage

Ability to work alongside with Panther through net wallet

Panther Vaults

Panther to Initiating Native Token ($ZKP) on Polygon

Panther additionally revealed that launching its MVP on Polygon become once a no brainer as a result of the technical capabilities of the Layer-2 blockchain platform. It intends to initiate its native token $ZKP on Ethereum and bridge the token to MVP the command of Polygon’s interoperability capabilities.

Panther Protocol CEO Oliver Gale additionally spoke glowingly about the partnership.

“Polygon’s advance brings scalable, low-price transactions to the Ethereum network to boot to a burgeoning ecosystem of DeFi protocols already the command of their technology. Panther’s partnership will enable zAsset utility between all Panther customers in a privateness maintaining, scalable and regulatory successfully matched vogue – opening the doors for appropriate institutional adoption and retail usage,” he added. 

About Polygon

Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-successfully matched blockchain networks. Polygon aggregates scalable solutions on Ethereum, supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem and mixing the finest Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a elephantine-fledged multi-chain machine.

Polygon solves anguish capabilities linked to Blockchains, savor excessive gas costs and slack speeds, without sacrificing security.

About Panther Protocol

Panther is an pause-to-pause privateness protocol that connects blockchains to restore privateness in Web3 and DeFi. Panther offers DeFi customers with totally collateralized privateness-enhancing digital property, leveraging crypto-financial incentives and zkSNARKs technology.

Customers can mint zero-knowledge zAssets by depositing digital property from any blockchain into Panther vaults. zAssets breeze all the intention through blockchains through a privateness-first interchain DEX and a non-public metastrate.

Terminate linked with Panther: Telegram | Twitter | Medium | LinkedIn | Web peril

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