Radiant identity is vital to belief on the blockchain – Interview with Condordium CEO

Radiant identity is vital to belief on the blockchain – Interview with Condordium CEO

The belief that of identity is moderately a polarising one in cryptocurrency. Of us neglect continuously that Bitcoin grew out of a definite segment corner of the Net, birthed from extremely-liberertarian ideals with self-soverignety, anonymity and independence central to the thesis. 

In spite of every thing, cryptocurrency has intriguing past Bitcoin, and as of late we have moderately a few diversified views and hundreds of initiatives, some with linked targets, some with differing ones. 

Concordium is a layer-1 blockchain mission which embeds encrypted ID into every transaction that happens on the community. Right here’s moving since it goes against what some pursits would describe as the fashioned Bitcoin vision. 

We sat down for a handy e book a rough mini-podcast with Concordium CEO Lone Fonss Schroder to accept extra of an insight into this, who says that “moderately a few industry does materialise because you raze no longer know who you are transacting with”, and asserts that this identity is vital to design belief in the residing.  

Other subject matters corresponding to whether or no longer law is a obvious component (one more component that could send maxis steady into a match), the strengths of decentralisation and the recent market atmosphere had been mentioned, and whereas time constraints prevented Dan and Joe digging into Schroder’s answers too deeply, they’ll be build on the agenda for next time.

Podcast is also listened to on Spotify here 

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