Ray Dalio Repeats Train That U.S. Could maybe furthermore “Outlaw Bitcoin”

Ray Dalio Repeats Train That U.S. Could maybe furthermore “Outlaw Bitcoin”


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  • Ray Dalio has reiterated his grunt that the U.S. government will also outlaw Bitcoin
  • Dalio suggested the We Stare Billionaires podcast that the government will also emulate prior attacks on gold and silver ownership
  • Taking such an contrivance to Bitcoin would likely backfire

Ray Dalio has warned that the government will also outlaw Bitcoin, pointing to the government’s outdated attempts to outlaw personal ownership of gold and silver. Dalio, who has stated that he owns some Bitcoin for diversification reasons, reiterated a warning he gave in September that if Bitcoin will get “too immense” the government will also take action in opposition to it, even supposing the form this action would take may maybe be famous to its possibilities of success.

Authorities Could maybe furthermore Repeat Government Expose 6012

Dalio, founding father of the world’s ideal hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, was talking on the We Stare Billionaires podcast series in regards to the fitting contrivance to invest throughout a “altering world recount” when the field of Bitcoin naturally came up. Dalio pointed to how the U.S. government has within the previous “outlawed gold and they’ve outlawed silver and many others” and that they are going to also attempt to “outlaw bitcoin” within the an identical contrivance.

This references the smartly-known Government Expose 6102, signed on April 5, 1933 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, “forbidding the hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates internal the continental United States.”

Prohibitive Tax Extra Doubtless Than Total Bitcoin Ban

Dalio didn’t whisk into vital aspects of what form this outlawing will also take, but it is unlikely to be within the an identical format as Government Expose 6102 as this is able to maybe maybe be nearly no longer doable to save in drive given the benefit with which Bitcoin can be saved and moved round.

It is far more likely that Dalio was referring to a name he made in September closing one year when he suggested that the government will also in actuality cripple public shopping and selling and utilization of Bitcoin by striking an exorbitantly high tax on Bitcoin transactions. This, nonetheless, would simplest end result in its utilization going wait on underground all over again and would no longer resolve in spite of complications the U.S. government has with Bitcoin.

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