Tech Platform JuicyFields Plans to Construct 75 A good deal of Harvest in 2021

Tech Platform JuicyFields Plans to Construct 75 A good deal of Harvest in 2021

Being a instant-paced company within the medicinal cannabis exchange and the founder of a crowdgrowing (e-rising) exchange mannequin, JuicyFields has broken many boundaries. JuicyFields has created a extremely effective blockchain ecosystem within the exchange with out limiting itself to clear countries or territories while staying on the upright side. Genuinely, blockchain industries are exhibiting fleshy growth within the previous couple of years.

JuicyFields operates completely with high THC (over 12%) philosophize material cannabis which is precisely regulated by government authorities despite an array of favorable modifications on the regulations level in different countries, alongside side its elimination from the 4th list of world’s most lethal tablets by the United Countries on December 2nd, 2020. On the opposite hand, a clear pattern of altering public opinion in desire of using psychoactive cannabis for medicinal applications continues its pattern in 2021, as witnessed in countries treasure Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, and others. All these collectively plan a firm foundation for the advance of the crowdgrowing exchange.

The essence of this exchange mannequin is the likelihood to scale volumes with none limitations by choosing licensed companions, supporting them with the total crucial sources (funds, training, mentoring, quality assurance requirements), and assisting them in gross sales distribution of the end-buyer product.

This fashion, all events, alongside side the e-growers (exact platform customers), the platform itself, cultivating companions, investors and gross sales distributors, decide and retain reinvesting within the crowdgrowing exchange. Moreover, the platform is crypto-friendly and except for fiat currencies, the platform accepts BTC, Ethereum, and Tether money as techniques of cost and withdrawal.

The outcomes achieved within the third quarter of 2021 are spectacular for the corporate that launched the platform in 2019 and launched a designate-novel principle of e-rising to the exchange:

135,000 customers on the platform;

Agreements for cultivating medicinal cannabis vegetation at the licensed companions’ products and services exceeding 56,000 sqm;

37 a full bunch medicinal cannabis cultivated on set apart of abode.

The European market is a considerable focal level for JuicyFields, for which the corporate accumulates its sources on a world scale to produce the most attention-grabbing medicinal cannabis products.

The geography of JuicyFields involves but is no longer restricted to such EU countries as Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, and the next countries of Latin The United States and Africa — Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, South Africa.

JuicyFields’ partner products and services — TERRA CANN in Colombia, are literally progressing to novel phases to invent the 10,000 m2 computerized greenhouses and 1,000 m2 laboratory. The novel facility goals to serve the native Colombian farmers who lack production sites and technological pattern to direction of their products and sell them to African, European, and different markets.

Loads of letters of intent (LOI) for THC oil and dried plant life score already been signed between TERRA CANN and distributors, with the likelihood to expand the volumes in extra than one progressions.

Moreover, JuicyFields branded products are already readily available at ‘The Greenside’ classy cannaporiums and club venues in South Africa.

Furthermore, the dried and processed cannabis plant life at the Portuguese partner’s facility — Sabores Púrpura, with strict compliance of EU GMP, are being dispensed within the European market. At the same time, the partner is getting ready to originate its agree with production lines with a full cycle.

Regarded as one of the well-known first and younger startup projects that JuicyFields supported changed into as soon as Cannabis Global in Denmark. It has displayed credibility factual from the preliminary pattern stage. As a consequence of this truth, a fresh spherical of investments is now intended to create a brand novel stylish greenhouse to manufacture branded products and top price quality dried plant life in 2022.

As an alternative of the products and services mentioned above, the novel ones are expected to be launched quickly in Costa Rica and Mexico. Meanwhile, the present products and services and plantations are expected to manufacture 75 a full bunch harvest by the end of 2021.

On a final demonstrate, the emerging blockchain platform JuicyFields has evidently managed surely one of the well-known reputedly not seemingly issues on this extremely regulated exchange on this planet! The corporate changed into as soon as in a bunch apart of abode to gain away geographical barriers by presenting of us with a upright and straight forward probability to reinforce the medicinal cannabis hasten, no topic their native land.

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