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Why I Left My Excessive Paying Engineering Job In Company The US For Bitcoin

Why I Left My Excessive Paying Engineering Job In Company The US For Bitcoin

Here is an belief editorial by Eric Podwojski, an fable manager at Bitcoin Magazine.


December 2019 — I used to be sitting in my manager’s place of business on the brink of have a dialogue just a few probable promotion, year-cease bonus and salary elevate. At the time, I used to be nearly two years out of faculty in my first high paying job out of faculty. I used to be working as a civil engineer designing gas pipelines launch air of Washington, D.C.

My manager on the time used to be a smartly revered real engineer with bigger than 15 years of trip. He slipped me a torn piece of yellow paper on the starting of the meeting that acknowledged “8.2% + $500 + Sr. Make Engineer.” That used to be my reward for nearly two years of worrying work and dedication at this engineering company. I needed to shout in his face but made up our minds to frivolously present how a typical promotion salary elevate is 10-20%, inflation runs no longer decrease than 2% per year and the bonus is liked but no longer foremost. His response used to be “meh,” and I left that meeting realizing this device I conducted into my total existence used to be designed to take me down. I used to be ready to trade that.

My Background

Sooner than I fetch into Bitcoin and the path to changing the hiss I realized myself in by following the mature American system, I’m going to paint you a image of how I used to be raised in the system.

I grew up in a suburban, predominantly white, center-to-upper class neighborhood. I in actuality have 2 loving other folks that were continually there for me to power me to sporting occasions and gave me the leisure I ever requested for. I attended one amongst the appropriate public faculty programs in the reveal and graduated high 10% in my class. The system I grew up in treated me completely so I by no device thought referring to the downsides. I used to be authorized into Penn Sigh College where I elected to stare engineering starting in 2014.

From 2014-2018, I place in the worrying work obligatory to atomize a Bachelor’s level in power engineering. I additionally joined a fraternity and partied nonstop. I even joined a few golf equipment alongside with the Blockchain Membership (the incentive that persuaded me to rob bitcoin for the first time). Yet again, I used to be following the path the system laid out to me because it treated me so smartly.

Fresh out of faculty in 2018, I landed a job at an engineering company as a produce engineer. The pay used to be nothing like I ever experienced sooner than. I used to be pumped! Because the years went on, I began hooked in to the path this job would handle me. The company made the profession progression very clear. About every 2 years that you just can fetch promoted with a salary elevate with the hopes of mountain climbing the corporate ladder into a VP role 20+ years down the line. This sounds huge in theory, but I additionally knew from a outdated engineering mentor that as soon as an engineer begins making too high of a salary, the firm generally lays them off and replaces them with a more inexpensive and youthful engineer. As I sat in my first promotion meeting, this thought took place to me. I knew the system I used to be taking part in did not have my most appealing hobby in mind.

Breaking Free

In 2020, I began self educating myself extra in private finance. I realized that the reported CPI inflation is no longer necessarily honest and appropriate inflation used to be potentially elevated, particularly as the U.S. authorities began flooding the monetary system with trillions of bucks to take care of the COVID-19 pandemic. I realized that no matter how smartly I conducted in my engineering job, I would possibly no longer fetch sooner than inflation. I would possibly dwell a existence gathering novel titles with out in actuality getting paid the quantity to dwell a significantly better existence.

Swiftly forward to the starting of 2021, the Bitcoin ticket starts rising out of a endure market. I had been investing into Bitcoin since 2017, so at this level I had an honest sized stack. As my obtain price used to be rising in buck phrases, I took a snowboarding outing out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. That week out in nature helped me narrate my thoughts round my real profession. Once I returned from that outing, I straight place my two weeks in at my engineering job.

In a reveal of quick circulation and level of interest, I entirely immersed myself into Bitcoin with the procedure of switching profession paths into this novel thrilling change. I already knew the fundamentals of Bitcoin and economics at this level, but I dove extra down the rabbit hole. I trained others about Bitcoin to narrate my own figuring out while networking with everybody doable in the Bitcoin home. I sooner or later applied to a few Bitcoin companies and landed a job on the change team with Bitcoin Magazine.

How You Can Spoil Free

Breaking free from the system I participated in my total existence used to be the appropriate decision I ever made. Here is how I did it with a records on the manner you would additionally too.

Step 1. I Had Loads Of Savings.

The very first part you would additionally smooth kind is know exactly how much your month-to-month expenses are. Subsequent, place up ample cash or bitcoin to dwell off of for no longer decrease than the following 6 months while you happen to were to no longer have any income. I in my belief had bigger than 12 months of savings which supplied me security.

Step 2. I Made The Bounce And Quit My Job.

When you’ve got got ample savings, the following step is to strategically resolve when to quit your fiat job. You would possibly presumably additionally work on Bitcoin initiatives while working your fiat job. You would possibly presumably additionally even prepare to jobs from Bitcoin companies while working your fiat job. I in my belief realized it more straightforward to transfer all in and immerse myself into Bitcoin by quitting my fiat job first.

Step 3. I Constructed Bitcoin Tutorial Sing.

A pillar of the Bitcoin protocol is proof-of-work. Whenever you would favor to work for a Bitcoin firm alongside other improbable Bitcoiners, it be essential to camouflage you are price hiring. Whenever you kind no longer know the device to code, proof-of-work can handle the build of beginning a Bitcoin-associated podcast, newsletter, Youtube demonstrate, and a lot of others. Attain something for Bitcoin.

Step 4. I Networked.

As you are proving your work for the Bitcoin network, kind something for your individual network. Hop on Bitcoin Twitter, Telegram neighborhood chats, back in-individual meet united statesand conferences equivalent to the Bitcoin Conference. Ship other Bitcoiners thoughtful DMs. Lend your free time to serve other folks. I realized Bitcoiners are very willing to present encourage while you happen to are staunch.

Step 5. I Utilized To Bitcoin Magazine.

This day, there are job boards dedicated to hiring Bitcoin skill. Befriend your label on job boards and prepare to any location that peaks your hobby. It would no longer would possibly additionally smooth be primarily the most appealing fit as you would additionally on the total transfer round in a firm or exercise it as a stepping stone for a future Bitcoin job. I counsel the utilization of for finding launch positions with huge Bitcoin companies.

Step 6. I Relentlessly Followed Up With Hiring Managers.

When you prepare to a location, get hiring managers in the firm on social media and attain out. Starting up a conversation with hiring managers straight locations your resume to the front of the stack. Here is a screenshot from my conversation with CK — overall manager of Bitcoin Magazine let’s explain. Expose, I built up outdated rapport with CK so he knew I used to be price recommending.


I’m hoping this text helped launch your eyes to the system you are living in and supplied proof that there would possibly be a solution to attenuate free. I opinion to continue constructing on Bitcoin thru Bitcoin Magazine and my own private Bitcoin academic explain material for others. Now’s your likelihood to attenuate free from the system to work in a fun and pleasurable emerging change. Your existence would possibly additionally additionally be vastly assorted while you happen to launch taking circulation apt now!

Here is a guest post by Eric Podwojski. Opinions expressed are completely their own and kind no longer necessarily deem those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.

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