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A Review Of Cryptotag’s Multi-Portion Titanium Seed Phrase Resolution, Odin

A Review Of Cryptotag’s Multi-Portion Titanium Seed Phrase Resolution, Odin

Here’s an opinion editorial by Shawn Amick — all thoughts and suggestions are entirely the authors and not an legitimate Bitcoin Journal endorsement.

Cryptotag lately allowed me to take a look at surely one of their most standard products, Odin, which is a distinct product which way to valid self-custodied keys with a location of titanium, laser-etched hexagons that every store a partial key (a “portion”) that’s split the expend of Shamir Secret Sharing.

Shamir Secret Sharing

Shamir Secret Sharing potential that you just can split your seed into m “shares” where any n of them can also be venerable to rebuild your authentic seed. But anyone retaining not as much as n shares would not in point of fact have a partial copy of your seed. This moreover way that it is possible you’ll perchance presumably lose mn recovery shares and silent be in a situation to rebuild your seed. A extra detailed explanation is supplied right here.

Trezor single backup Shamir backup

Characterize Offer: Trezor

In repeat to expend Odin, you’d want to make a range the ethical amount of phrases per recovery portion— in this case, that will smartly be 20 phrases per portion, as Odin handiest helps a 20-be conscious potential.

Shamir Secret Sharing generates a random be conscious for every of the 20 phrases included in a portion. The phrases generated are pulled from a predetermined listing of phrases which were hand-picked to optimize for security (the thesaurus can also be chanced on right here).

Every be conscious has a corresponding number. For instance, “academic” is correlated to the #1. This number is represented as 0001 in the SLIP-0039 (Shamir Secret Sharing) Discover List that became once sent with Odin.

Shamir utilizes a setup an much like multisig, excluding rather then constructing a wallet from multiple seeds you ethical have a single seed that can also be assembled from multiple recovery shares. The Shamir setup consists of the following parameters: Total Shares and Thresholds.

Total Shares: The selection of recovery shares to be created for a particular seed. For occasion, if a customer wished there to be a total of 5 recovery shares, they’d receive 5 Total Shares. We are in a position to return to the true process of constructing these parts additional below.

Threshold: The needed selection of recovery shares required to be in a situation to rebuild your seed. Continuing with the example above, if we now have got 5 Total Shares, we’d also want to location a Threshold of three. This vogue that of the Total Shares (5) that exist for this wallet, we handiest need three of the recovery shares to reassemble our seed.


The product is packaged in a sizeable sunless box with the phrases “Here’s for the HODLers” inscribed on it. Within the box you are going to receive the titanium hexagons, their accompanied silicon sleeves, an anvil (venerable to retain the hexagons in situation to engrave later), a HODL BODL (very frigid water bottle), fits, ear plugs, a top quality middle punch (for engraving), setup files, some snacks and, in my case, a Trezor hardware wallet.

crypto tag image of hexagon box

The titanium hexagon stands at 0.87 inches gigantic, 4.7 inches prolonged and nil.98 trot extensive.

crypto tag bitcoin storage device

While it fits without downside into a pocket, I wouldn’t counsel carrying your keys with you all around the set the placement you dash for oldsters to peep, although the silicon sleeve with “Cryptotag” embedded on it appears to be like to be big.

Odin is glossy and compact in receive. The titanium hexagons venerable for constructing the recovery shares are sunless with four sections per facet.

One facet reads: Total Shares, Threshold, Portion Quantity and Wallet Quantity (whenever it is possible you’ll perchance presumably even have got multiple wallets, it is possible you’ll perchance presumably designate which wallet that particular hexagon applies to).

Every of the final 5 sides has four numbers. For instance, the first facet is numbers 1-4, then 5-9 and so forth. Every number has four digit grids beside it with the numbers 0-9 in every. The digit grids are venerable for the Shamir backup so as to encode every be conscious in the recovery portion.

titanium hexagon

Every be conscious has a corresponding number from the thesaurus. For instance, “academic” is be conscious #1. For Odin, this number is represented as 0001. Take note, there are four digit grids for every number. Therefore, if the first recovery portion be conscious is “academic,” right here is how we’d proceed:

On the first share of the hexagon represented by a big “1”—this potential it is a long way recording the first be conscious of the recovery portion—it is possible you’ll perchance presumably punch “0” in the first three digit grids after which “1” in the fourth and final digit grid for the first recovery portion be conscious.

Now what attain I suggest by punching a bunch? How does it the truth is receive connected to the ethical number on the digit grid?

Person Experience And Handbook

Assuming the patron has zero abilities with hardware wallets or self-custody, it need to be said that this process became once exceptionally easy and handiest mildly time-piquant.

When you receive the setup files, the first pages jog you thru the easy steps to setup a Shamir Secret Sharing backup supported via Trezor’s hardware wallet, (Shamir has restricted give a enhance to from other hardware wallets).

The steps were straightforward. First, join the Trezor wallet to your computer via its USB cable. It is possible you’ll perchance be prompted by the tool to switch to Trezor’s site where you are going to be asked to fetch Trezor’s application onto your computer. The fetch is rapid and straightforward.

As soon as the applying is up and running, the computer will urged you to set up a firmware upgrade on the tool. As soon as done, the applying gives you with two straightforward choices with images. Execute you plan shut to have a authentic backup or Shamir?

After clicking Shamir, Trezor walks you thru some straightforward steps environment up a pin number, the abilities of every portion and specifying the edge and wallet numbers talked about earlier. It’s extremely easy and person-friendly.

As soon as the amount of shares is picked, you’ll generate the phrases connected to every 20-be conscious recovery portion for the selection of shares chosen. Trezor will urged you to jot down these phrases down—manually!—and can remind you to be optimistic it is not digitally saved anyplace.

This subsequent segment is where issues dash a chunk of slack. Within the goodie salvage Cryptotag sent you are going to receive a “conversion sheet” for every hexagon purchased. Here you are going to receive a slot for all 20 phrases connected to the recovery portion of every hexagon. Beneath where it is possible you’ll perchance presumably write the phrases, you’ll discover about four boxes under every be conscious. Simply write the phrases down, ignoring the boxes below the house for the phrases.

Within the box you’ll moreover receive “SLIP-39 Discover List”. Every be conscious, as I talked about earlier than, is represented by a four-digit number. Detect every of your 20 phrases per portion in the thesaurus and write the corresponding number down below the be conscious.

Now we detect the center punch tool. Take note, these hexagons are titanium, which way in repeat to switch away a keep it takes some stress. Here’s moreover why Cryptotag sends earplugs. I didn’t the truth is feel the necessity to expend them, however the neighbors also can need preferred it if I gave the earplugs to them.

For every be conscious of the Shamir backup, you are going to punch the four-digit number into every share.

This process need to be repeated for all 20 phrases for every hexagon being venerable (one per recovery portion). It takes a whereas, however once it is a long way total, you’ll have a hearth- and waterproof, laser-etched titanium backup in a position to being dispersed in a way that’s assured to not anxiety you if one is lost or stolen.


Odin is a ultimate and durable approach to assuaging much of the downside spherical preserving your keys (seed phrases). I’m overjoyed Cryptotag allowed me this alternative to grow to be a fan of their product. That being said, I did have some concerns.

While anyone retaining onto a recovery portion for it is possible you’ll perchance presumably also seek for up the public listing of phrases after which decode every be conscious from the punched numbers on Odin, it would silent handiest lead to 1 portion being compromised which way that the edge would not be broken, asserting the protection of your keys. This requires comely management of your shares and relied on parties (if acceptable), however that’s hardly ever a good deal of out of your same outdated self-custody solution.

The heart punch venerable to engrave every digit on Odin wasn’t ideal, however I wasn’t heart-broken. I managed to receive the total potential via one hexagon earlier than I had components with it. After that, the mechanism that holds the pinnacle in situation began to shift. The repair became once a straightforward circulation to come but again in situation, however I did have a concern that it goes to also discontinuance mid-process.

The setup files isn’t worded for developed customers, however it completely moreover isn’t worded for learners. As talked about above, I reached out to clarify definitions and processes ethical to verify. I would have preferred for the tips to be a chunk of extra detailed.

The digit grids venerable to punch in the numbers connected to every be conscious are the truth is minute. I’m optimistic right here is by receive to retain the product compact. On the opposite hand, I did receive myself not being entirely happy with the keep I left which prompted me to ethical add one other keep.

The glossy receive matched with huge durability gives peace of thoughts for those taking a seek for to protect the additional step in security with a plucky elegant that’s piquant to not fancy. Upon testing my Trezor recovery process, I chanced on it worked elegant, with the evident uncover that any mistake in the creation of the shares would lead to an error upon recovery. All that being said, right here is a product for HODLers who take care of aesthetics and have additional money to expend. I’d happily attain it but again, however it completely’s hardly ever a necessity.

Here’s a customer put up by Shawn Amick. Opinions expressed are entirely their like and set not necessarily judge those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Journal.

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