Blockchain Bugs Risking $25 Billion Over 280 Chains

Blockchain Bugs Risking $25 Billion Over 280 Chains


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  • Security company Halborn says it has stumbled on a kit of vulnerabilities impacting 280 blockchains and price $25 billion to hackers.
  • Halborn stumbled on the Rab13s exploits while reviewing Dogecoin code
  • Litecoin and Zcash dangle already patched their blockchains

Security company Halborn says it has stumbled on a kit of vulnerabilities impacting 280 blockchains and price $25 billion to hackers. The corporate says that it stumbled on the exploits while conducting a check of the Dogecoin blockchain, and rapidly realized that they are most up-to-date in a complete lot of others, alongside with Zcash and Litecoin. It has calculated the complete capacity injure at $25 billion and has tried to contact builders of as many blockchains as it’ll to scuttle action.

🚨 Halborn stumbled on big #ZeroDay impacting Dogecoin and 280+ networks alongside with Litecoin and Zcash, striking over $25 Billion of digital sources in anguish!


— Halborn (@HalbornSecurity) March 13, 2023

280 Blockhains Affected

Halborn CEO Rob Behnke posted about the flaws the old day on the Halborn web plight, explaining that it stumbled on “several extreme and exploitable vulnerabilities” within the Dogecoin code. After a “broader overview,” Halborn surmised that the identical vulnerabilities “affected over 280 other networks alongside with Litecoin and Zcash,” and known as the community of nasties ‘Rab13s’.

Within the put up, Behnke defined essentially the most extreme ingredients of Rab13s:

  • A vulnerability stumbled on internal p2p messaging mechanisms can lead to the attacker sending crafted malicious consensus messages to person nodes, inflicting every to terminate down and at closing uncover the network to risks like 51% assaults and other extreme issues.
  • Attackers can wreck a node by ability of RPC requests. On the opposite hand, successful exploitation requires respectable credentials, which reduces the likelihood of the complete network being in anguish and since some nodes put in power the pause picture.
  • Attackers can carry out code within the context of the patron running the node in the course of the public interface (RPC). On the opposite hand, the likelihood of this exploit is lower as it requires a respectable credential to put the assault.

Exploit Prevention Kit On hand

Behnke revealed that Halborn has “efficiently developed an exploit equipment for Rab13s that contains a proof of theory with configurable parameters in expose to demonstrate the assaults on assorted networks.” In consequence of the sensitivity of the grief, the corporate naturally hasn’t sent out the resolve equipment to every Tom, Dick and Harry that asks for it, pronouncing that every the essential technical recordsdata has been “shared with the identified stakeholders to lend a hand them remediate the bugs.”

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