Calvin Ayre’s 2021 Predictions – The Rektsults

Calvin Ayre’s 2021 Predictions – The Rektsults

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  • In December 2020, Calvin Ayre persisted a custom of making predictions about BSV for the following year
  • Ayres predictions had been famously putrid in the previous
  • A year on, we seek and watch how he has fared in 2021

Calvin Ayre is a fan of predictions, repeatedly telling Twitter how BSV will address stop the complete lot from Crufts to Omit World if given enough time. Perfect year he made 5 predictions, only one amongst which came correct, and it appears he learnt from his errors – in December closing year his predictions were fewer but no less huge. Let’s use a seek at what he predicted and the most effective in all probability design it has performed out.

Prediction: “The actual fact is is that this big scaling and its recordsdata administration capabilities is going to make it (BSV) the single contender to be the arena’s first correct world laptop.””

Result: Now, Ayre didn’t particularly whisper this could happen in 2021, which is presumably a accurate thing seeing because the outcomes are lower than spectacular. Unnecessary to claim, we are going to have the opportunity to’t test his prediction in a quantitative formula and he didn’t give us any metrics to have interaction his prediction by, so we have to head about things a little bit in a different way.

A Google search of ‘world laptop’ brings up many references to Ethereum and some items on Pc World, a 1981 album by Kraftwerk, but no prove of BSV, even the final model down to web page 10 (no person goes previous web page 10 of a Google search – there be dragons).

Even when we add in the letters ‘BSV’ to the stop we mild only obtain a post from OKCoin about how BSV “will also be” the arena’s laptop. But with the exception of for that there is exclusively one various reference in regard to a BSV DevCon tournament. It appears then that this belief of BSV being a world laptop is simply being done in Calvin Ayre’s thoughts.

If we seek at chain metrics we are going to have the opportunity to observe that BSV’s day-to-day transactions experience huge non permanent spikes sooner than collapsing the final model down to earlier lows factual days later, which doesn’t suggest that the arena is the utilization of it very grand. Their block sizes remain one of the vital crucial excellent in the home, which shows doable, but we are going to have the opportunity to claim for determined that that doable has now not yet been reached.

Pick up: 0/1

Prediction: “I believe that Craig is going to address stop all of his lawsuits. I believe the evidence is on his side, the info are on his side, and history’s on his side”

Result: Wright became all in favour of several lawsuits in 2021, but only one became concluded, which saw him owe $100 million to W&Good ample Info Defense after being stumbled on guilty of conversion. Unnecessary to claim, Ayre twisted it as being a victory because he became let off the many six costs, but whenever you happen to prevent a court case owing anyone $100 million you very clearly haven’t obtained.

Pick up: 0/2

Prediction: “We’re going to be rolling out the first of the enterprise adoption of this platform, valid proof that this technology can arrange big recordsdata better than the leisure that’s ever been created sooner than in history.”

Result: A gigantic instruct, for determined, and one which appears to uncover to Teranode, the performance upgrade that its chief clothier, Steve Shadders, talked about earlier this year “blows away the final limits that Bitcoin would ever have”. Ayre became predicting that Teranode would roll out this year as expected but this has been build motivate till 2022, with out a explanations as to why.

With this lengthen, and the very fact that BSV’s node count has dropped to factual over 50 from its high of over 600 in January 2019, it’s protected to claim that BSV is now not managing big recordsdata better than the leisure that’s ever been created sooner than. A wheelbarrow could presumably presumably raise out better, and at the least it’ll’t obtain 51% attacked.

Pick up: 0/3

Ayre Swings Broad and Misses Bigger

Ayre has, once extra, hugely overstated the flexibility of the BSV blockchain to take care of what it became designed to take care of in the first space. The scarcity of dialog from BSV mouthpiece Coingeek over the Teranode upgrade speaks volumes, and the collapsing node count suggests that the challenge has bigger fish to fry if it desires to remain a going predicament.

At the very least he didn’t prove the stamp…

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