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CoinCorner Launched A Lightning NFC Card For Bitcoin

CoinCorner Launched A Lightning NFC Card For Bitcoin
  • CoinCorner has launched The Streak Card, an NFC-enabled Lightning card.
  • Comparable to a Visa, users would steady tap their card on a Lightning-enabled POS to use bitcoin.
  • CoinCorner and BTCPay Server gateways are supported with a pair of vendors and extra to attain inspire.

CoinCorner, a chief in bitcoin and Lightning Network companies, has announced The Streak Card – a contactless, terminate to-discipline-communication (NFC) card powered by Lightning – by approach of a assertion despatched to Bitcoin Journal.

The Streak Card lets in users to simply tap any Lightning-enabled point-of-sale (POS) creating an nearly instantaneous transaction processed by technique of the Lightning Network in seconds. The legacy rate infrastructure system performs no unprejudiced in any of the processing. The project is an identical to the tap unprejudiced of a Visa or Mastercard, without the settlement delays, processing charges, or centralized entities.

“Making in-particular person funds with Bitcoin and Lightning is quiet no longer as efficient and user-friendly as we desire it to be for the mass target market. It quiet entails unlocking a cell phone, opening an app, scanning a QR code and then making the transaction,” said CoinCorner CEO, Danny Scott.

“That is a backwards step when it comes to user experience when put next to what we’re ancient to right this moment time for in-particular person funds,” Scott continued.

At open, The Streak Card is look after minded with Lightning and LNURL protocols whereas supporting CoinCorner and BTCPay Server gateways and would perchance presumably quickly be look after minded with IBEX Mercado, LNBits, and FastBitcoins.

“Innovation to drive Bitcoin adoption is what we enact at CoinCorner. We’re building steady products for the actual world and yes, we point out the arena – all 7.7 billion of us,” Scott defined. “We own got extra expansive plans ahead, so retain watching all by technique of 2022, the initiating of the long whisk is right here – lift on hyperbitcoinization!”

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