Cyclos and Solatars Drawl The Commence of Solana NFT Sequence “Le Cougar Clique”

Cyclos and Solatars Drawl The Commence of Solana NFT Sequence “Le Cougar Clique”

November 24, 2021 — Cyclos, the concentrated liquidity AMM on Solana, is partnering with Solatars to beginning Le Cougar Clique, a uncommon NFT topple tied to the CycloSwap DeFi platform.

Le Cougar Clique connects NFTs to DeFi thru a “culling” mechanic that deflates the NFT present to amplify their scarcity. The deflation mechanism, known as Cougarnomics, depends on CycloSwap platform earnings to burn the present present of Cougars. After the mint match, 25% of CycloSwap platform charges and 15% of Cougar sale royalties will be susceptible every two weeks to “cull” the weakest Cougars. The platform will buy assist the NFTs from the market and abolish them, thus reducing the provision of Cougars.

The liquidity connection for Cougars goes every ways. One quarter of the proceeds from Cougar royalties will be at risk of buy CYS and stake it in liquidity pools, giving the Cougar Clique DAO agency over half of the CYS token present. 

Le Cougar Clique NFTs will be released in a batch of 10,000 Cougars, all hand drawn in collaboration with the Solatars team of workers. The beginning is deliberate for early December thru a minting match held on

Cyclos is the first concentrated liquidity computerized market maker on Solana. Utilizing this mighty idea pioneered by Uniswap V3, Cyclos can toughen any abolish of pair from traditional stablecoin-to-stablecoin swaps to extremely uncommon tokens. Constructing on the extremely-scalable Solana platform enables CycloSwap liquidity providers to comely-tune their positions, offering mighty more precision and loads more cost-effective titillating management when compared with Uniswap V3.

“By linking the provision of Cougars with Cyclos, our aim is to construct a virtuous cycle between the two products and their communities,” says Jason O’Brian, co-founder of Cyclos. “As the Cyclos ecosystem continues to expand, so too will the utility circumstances for the Cougars. Our intent within the assist of founding the Cougar Den (the DAO within the assist of the challenge) will be for the neighborhood to collaborate on setting up future exhaust circumstances along with the Cyclos team of workers.”

About Cyclos

Cyclos is the first concentrated liquidity AMM on Solana. It enables bigger yields for LPs and better charges for traders by merging the progressive idea of concentrated liquidity with the high speeds and low transaction costs of the Solana blockchain. On Cyclos, concentrated liquidity permits customers to carry a worth fluctuate within which they are interesting to compose markets, reaping LP rewards with greatest a share of the beforehand required capital.

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