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Hardware Bitcoin Security And Blockstream’s Jade Wallet

Hardware Bitcoin Security And Blockstream’s Jade Wallet

Two fingers-on hardware wallet builders discuss bitcoin custody and its technicalities

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On this episode of “The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado,” Aaron van Wirdum conducted one extra interview with out his fashioned co-host Sjors Provoost. As an different, he used to be joined by Blockstream’s Lawrence Nahum, one among the builders slack the Jade wallet; and Ben Kaufman, one among the builders of the Specter wallet, which is particularly designed to work with hardware wallets.

Van Wirdum, Nahum and Kaufman talked about what hardware wallets are, and mentioned the in discovering tradeoffs that different hardware wallets have taken by specializing in — the Trezor, Ledger and Coldcard particularly. On this light, Nahum and Kaufman explained what in discovering ingredients and in discovering chips are, and why some hardware wallets dispose of to depend on utilizing such chips bigger than others.

Then, Nahum explained which tradeoffs the Jade wallet makes. He moreover detailed how an further server-essentially based safety step is extinct to further in discovering the Jade wallet, and he like a flash outlined some further differences in hardware wallet designs, let’s assume those targeted on usability.

Finally, van Wirdum, Nahum and Kaufman mentioned whether the thought that of hardware wallets are a just idea in the first pickle, or if it would most most likely be greater to use dedicated smartphones to store your bitcoin.

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