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How To Solo Mine Bitcoin Using Blockstream Satellite

How To Solo Mine Bitcoin Using Blockstream Satellite

A version of this article turned into once first and main place published on Medium.

In light of some recent awesome occasions within the Bitcoin mining sphere, I turned into once inspired to situation up my indulge in tiny, four million hashes per 2nd (MH/s) solo mining operation and explore how I will be capable to also toughen it. A couple of the aspects that I believed can also express some work are connected to connectivity and in making my setup essentially the most “pure” within the sense of decentralization and trustlessness.

So, I first and main started digging into how precisely one solo mines in at the recent time’s exceedingly industrialized mining world. I’m no longer drawn to pay-per-fragment pooled mining, since that drains any of the fun of solo mining, and introduces some trust. I have to straight make contributions unadulterated hash price security to the Bitcoin network.

Picture: I am assuming the reader is conscious of that solo mining is amazingly sophisticated and besides you too can very successfully be bigger than at risk of by no manner truly generate a block. Appropriate fleshy disclosure here. Having acknowledged that…

Years ago, solo mining required atmosphere up a fleshy, industrial-grade pool that turned into once designed for hundreds of a long way away particular person miners pooling their hash rates collectively. I remember seeking to situation one up both utilizing the Eligius code or one of many different no longer-as-renowned pool initiatives on GitHub and it turned into once sophisticated to acquire all of the particular person tool parts working. Gleaming this, let’s devoted notify I wasn’t getting my hopes up that mining solo turned into once any more uncomplicated at the recent time.

CK Pool has its indulge in “solo” counterpart (which, I if truth be told treasure that this exists), and it’s a form of pseudo-solo mining pool where particular person miners acquire 98% of the block reward (paying a 2% pool rate) when they generate a block and the different pool people acquire 0%. Distinction this with same outdated pooled mining where all hash price contributors acquire a share of the block reward. The Solo CK Pool is tall, however in a roundabout design utilizing the pool introduces some trust that shouldn’t exist in a pure solo mining setup. There’s some incompatibility with essentially the most up-to-date Bitcoin Core version and the most recent CK Pool code as successfully, essentially based fully mostly upon my try at utilizing it for this mining setup.

After scouring DuckDuckGo and GitHub elements, I stumbled upon BFGMiner’s ability to communicate with a neighborhood bitcoind for the functions of solo mining(!). I had no thought this performance existed since BFGMiner turned into once on the total outmoded for interfacing with GPUs or ASIC hardware whereas mining.

Picture: CGMiner also has this performance. Thanks Con!

So, with this new BFGMiner recordsdata, we are in a position to construct away with any sophisticated-to-situation-up pool tool, or any depended on pool, and handiest rely on BFGMiner and a Bitcoin Core fleshy node. This fits the invoice for my purist solo mining configuration.

This leaves the enhancements to connectivity. How this may per chance occasionally per chance well be bolstered is by utilizing Blockstream Satellite to supplement the location of friends my node uses whereas my ISP is functioning, and as a failover within the match my ISP gets flaky and drops my connection. This form, my mining hardware can know what block is truly the most up-to-date block to create on and no effort is wasted.

An arrangement of evaluation is block egress, on the different hand. Alternatives attain exist treasure Starlink or Iridium that will even be outmoded for broadcasting a newly-found block. Starlink can also very successfully be overkill price-intellectual attributable to the chance of truly solo mining a block, and blocks themselves being moderately tiny in dimension. However it is a lawful choice. SMS is one other choice that I will explore in future weblog posts.

How To Solo Mine Love A Boss

Handbook assumes Ubuntu 20.04. Warning: some compiling is required.

It’s truly truly straight forward now. There isn’t any favor to situation up a fleshy-blown mining pool anymore. BFGMiner can deal with everything we need. So let’s acquire everything situation up.

Build Up Blockstream Satellite

Practice Blockstream’s excellent recordsdata for striking collectively a satellite tv for pc antenna, aligning it and inserting in all of the main tool to initiate receiving Bitcoin recordsdata by ability of geosynchronous satellite tv for pc.

Set up blocksat-cli and Bitcoin Satellite, the patched Bitcoin Core node that Blockstream maintains for satellite tv for pc connectivity.

Build Up BFGMiner

BFGMiner is GPU/ASIC mining tool that also helps solo mining utilizing a neighborhood bitcoind!

This tool will bridge our mining hardware to our local satellite tv for pc Bitcoin node.

$ git clone && cd bfgminer

For Ubuntu, all you indulge in to achieve is install the dependencies after which create on the total.

$ sudo lawful install automake autoconf libtool pkg-config libcurl4-gnutls-dev libjansson-dev uthash-dev

Then create it.

$ ./

$ ./configure

$ acquire

Collectively with your bitcoind synced and receiving recordsdata by ability of satellite tv for pc (debug.log ought to output bitrate recordsdata if efficiently receiving), level BFGMiner to your local node. Make certain to situation server=1 and rpcuser=user rpcpassword=mosey in bitcoin.conf

$ ./bfgminer -T -D -P -o ‘ 8332’ -O user:mosey –stratum-port 3334 –generate-to

This may per chance expose BFGMiner to drag recordsdata out of your node and which port to listen on for stratum miners (essentially all widespread ASICs express stratum).

As soon as BFGminer is running, simply level your ASIC hardware to the IP address your bitcoind and BFGMiner are running on (port 3334) as an different of a widespread mining pool treasure Slush Pool. You ought to initiate to initiate seeing low subject shares being submitted by the mining hardware within the BFGminer console output. That’s it! You’re solo mining treasure a boss and indulge in a backup blockchain recordsdata supply by ability of geosynchronous satellite tv for pc. How awesome is that? Appropriate luck with the mining!

Learn more about Blockstream Satellite here:

Right here’s a customer put up by Grubles. Opinions expressed are entirely their indulge in and put no longer necessarily mirror those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Journal.

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