OlympusDAO Sheds 30% Precipitated by Whale Promote-Off

OlympusDAO Sheds 30% Precipitated by Whale Promote-Off

Key Takeaways

  • The OHM token price fell from $186.61 to $104.60 Monday morning, but has since recovered a little bit of.
  • The token is now trading roughly 90% below its all-time high price of $1,415.26 recorded in April of last yr.
  • Plenty of assorted protocol’s that train a same tokenomic structure to OlympusDAO comprise additionally been hit laborious.

The associated price of OHM, the algorithmic token launched by OlympusDAO, has dropped 30% at the present time. Protocols that follow a same tokenomic model to OlympusDAO comprise additionally registered same losses.

OlympusDAO Token Drops

The OHM token has suffered indubitably one of its most intense price hits in a single day.

Round 01: 55 am UTC at the present time, an unknown user sold 82,526 OHM tokens price $11.3 million. That single transaction is believed to comprise introduced on a snowball attain on the OHM token’s price, causing it to fall over 35% in no longer up to an hour.

In step with knowledge from CoinGecko, the OHM token’s price fell from $186.61 to $104.60 Monday morning. The dump from an “OHM whale” introduced on a series of liquidations on lending platforms including, Rari Capital’s Fuse, that additional exacerbated the associated price break.

The self-mentioned purpose of OlympusDAO is to device a proper store of cost that’s no longer pegged to the buck, as is the case with stablecoins. Nonetheless, the associated price lope of the protocol’s OHM token paints a particular image. Right now, OHM sits at $127.70 per token, down 30% on the day. Furthermore, the token is trading roughly 90% below its all-time high price of $1,415.26 recorded in April of last yr.

ohm price
OHM/USD chart. Source: CoinGecko

OlympusDAO became started by an anonymous developer, Zeus, to slit DeFi’s dependence on fiat-pegged stablecoins admire USDC and USDT. The mission makes train of bonding and staking to support the minting and intrinsic cost of its OHM tokens. The protocol has popularized the (3, 3) meme, a reference to the mission’s purported sport theory model where the most precious slay end result is done if all holders stake their OHM tokens.

Users are incentivized with stratospheric staking yields paid in OHM tokens to make contributions to the protocol’s liquidity reserves. Over the last ten months, OlympusDAO has generated an massive treasury cost from sources equivalent to FRAX and ETH, as successfully as from stablecoins DAI and LUSD. Right now, the market cost of OlympusDAO’s treasury sources totals $559 million. Meanwhile, the market cap of OHM tokens is kind of double that, sitting at $1.099 billion.

Per knowledge equipped by OlympusDAO, OHM’s price of $127.7 is backed by $74.50  in treasury sources owned by the protocol. The massive distinction in these two costs exhibits that OHM is trading at a top price over its dazzling cost, basically in consequence of the staking incentives and sport theory structure of the protocol.

OlympusDAO in the mean time will pay a 3,666% annual percentage yield for staking OHM tokens. Whereas the high APYs comprise labored in OlympusDAO’s settle on in bullish markets, the dilutive attain of issuing so many tokens looks to be hitting laborious since markets became bearish in mid-November.

Barely a ramification of OlympusDAO’s copycat projects comprise additionally registered same losses. Wonderland, an Avalanche-basically based entirely entirely fork of OHM, is in the mean time trading at $1,527, down 23.5% all throughout the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, varied protocols with same tokenomic buildings–KlimaDAO and Redacted Cartel–comprise additionally misplaced 26% and 29% of their cost on the day respectively.

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the creator of this portion owned ETH and varied cryptocurrencies.

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