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AMA #2: DAO1 Features on CRYPTO EAGLES Community

As DAO1 continues reaching out the broader crypto community, the DAO1 team recently conducted another AMA on May 2, 2021, interacting with the members of Crypto Eagles community. The second among many to come, team members Francesco Dell’Agata, Leo Georgievic and Adrian Niculescu along with legal advisor DeepJain fielded few interesting questions. As expected, the discussion revolved around what DAO1 is about, how is it going to be different from other blockchain projects and what can the community expect in the near future.

AMA #2: DAO1 Features on CRYPTO EAGLES Community

The enthusiastic audience kept DAO1 team members engaged throughout the session. At the end, the DAO1 team emerged more driven than ever to fulfill the expectations of the crypto community.

We have selected few questions and responses from the Crypto Eagles AMA session to give you a glimpse of the event.

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: Now please tell us about your project “DAO1”. What are the main purposes and core concepts of it?

Francesco Dell’Agata: DAO1 is a community-led Decentralized Autonomous Organization, governed by true democracy. In other words, a decentralized socio-economic platform with innovative financial products for the community. DAO1

Leo Georgievic: Our mission is to create inclusiveness for the community in the decentralized financial space.

Francesco Dell’Agata: DAO1 has a main purpose of serving its community members through financial inclusiveness. We have a vision of releasing features that enable this vision.

Adrian Niculescu: I am Adrian Niculescu, in the crypto/ blockchain/ fintech space since 2016, I am a marketing, sales & business development guy. Being involved as Head of Partnerships with DAO1. I am involved in the incubation of startups, the hackathons, and creating valuable partnerships to help DAO1 advance.

Leo Georgievic: Our Infinite game plan, and I do say infinite because its goal to not reach one goal, but to keep striving and evolving as things around us evolve at the speed of light, is to reach full potential and become the flagship for the new innovative projects in the crypto space.

The biggest potential as we currently see it is of course that DAO1 will be the flagship for this new wave of innovation in the crypto space. I think the potential is very big in terms of what can be achieved when a truly community-led ecosystem has the chance to not only prosper but also to give members financial freedom and tons of benefits from the best features of the crypto world and Defi Space. During 2021 we will be focusing on achieving our goals set, our pillars in our roadmap to be reached and also to surprise the audience with new and interesting approaches to achieve value through a fully decentralized platform.

We aim as well towards reaching our milestones which will be the sale of the DAO1 tokens, launch on Uniswap and other exchanges, and the rollout of features, such as staking, farming etc.…This is the initial phase that we can disclose now.

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: Bright future is ahead. A lot of new things are coming

Deepjain: DAO1 is governance from day 1

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: Ahmm awesome… Here is the next question. Please tell us about Decentralized fund( DEF) with hybrid advisory service? Which coins will be eligible for this service? Which markets will be under your AL of DAO1?

Deepjain: The hybrid advisory is the blend of human expertise along with the AI and ML. Under the Hybrid Advisory, the participants can get the best of best advisory on where to invest and how much to invest on the basis of your risk criteria, your amount and other key factors

To take hybrid advisory, initially only DAO1 token holders can access this service. And the advisory will be for all cryptos Alts, BTC and ETH. The Hybrid advisory feature involves the community participation as well as technology inclusion

Adrian Niculescu: DAO1 is reliant on modern technology to offer the most desirable services to its Decentralized Economy. Artificial intelligence (AI) assisted decision making enables the community to make prudent but smart decisions on where to invest funds.

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: We have met a project a few days ago and they are just AI for price predictions and analysis. But that was little faulty for me because human expertise in market is necessary nowadays. Crypto is not just on charts nowadays

Adrian Niculescu: This feature empowers the community to invest in respectable coins or tokens. The AI Advisory automatically provides the User with guidance on the most reasonable projects to invest in for maximum returns. The automated advisory promotes a system that maximizes profit and diminishes risk. DAO1 offers a platform with a seamless configuration, and it is designed for all kinds of user and risk profiles.

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: Yup, that hybrid advisory service is awesome. Is there any community role in that analysis?

Deepjain: There are many algos in the market, but do not purely rely upon AI

Adrian Niculescu: The Hybrid Advisory platform will allow community members to easily access a wealth of information, starting from being able to coordinate trading strategies with fellow community members according to their level of trading expertise.

Francesco Dell’Agata: Yes, there will be community role in the analysis, technical and fundamental investment analysis and even to gain peer to peer investment review from other community members. This is something unique for this feature.

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: You are giving a complete package in short words ha-ha. This is unique 💪. Here is the next question.

Our community wants to know about crypto venture and startup funds? Tell us about criteria for it and complete process in easy words?

Leo Georgievic: Ok well… Traditionally, investing in venture capital or startups is not something that is easily accessible on a wider scale, and this holds true even in the blockchain space. DAO1 sets out to change this perception and propose a new feature on the DAO1 platform that allows community members to research, invest and gain knowledge on promising upcoming crypto startups/projects. The DAO1 fund will be fully licensed to best protect the financial interests of the entire DAO1 community.

A crypto startup fund is a new addition in the blockchain space and DAO1 is at the forefront of it. The idea behind the crypto startup fund is to allow users to research projects that have the best chance of success, as well as fully understanding all aspects that need to be considered when investing in new and attractive projects. E.g., in the Venture fund a service with multiple funds to choose from based on personal preferences.

In the startup fund a portfolio supporting investments with any coin of choice in various funds that come with an attractive APY (Annual Percentage Yield). Community members will be able to select some predefined funds which will be proposed by the platform, according to the level of risk a trader has selected. The risk levels will be low, medium, high and adventurous, which will allow traders to select predefined allocations in the top cryptocurrencies, as well as build their funds according to their risk appetite.

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: How will you check the trading expertise of any user from another part of the world?

Adrian Niculescu: The DAO1 Crypto Venture & Startup Fund will include a Startup Fund and a Venture Startup (Capital) Fund. DAO1 wants to be fully inclusive from an investment perspective, and community members will be able to invest in the Crypto Startup Fund with just $100. This low entry barrier is very important for the idea of inclusion which is part of DAO1’s DNA.

Francesco Dell’Agata: There is a criterion which will need to be met, investment experience will be measured by the platform in accordance with a user’s risk tolerance and investment profile to determine how experienced they are. We will announce more in due course

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: We are looking forward for that 😉. Here is the next question.

Please give us a brief explanation of staking, yield farming and especially underwriting in DAO1?

Adrian Niculescu: We aim to integrate various information feeds which proves the track record for the members. Looking forward to the next question.

Francesco Dell’Agata: Liquidity Providers (Yield Farmers) who provide liquidity on the DAO1 are essential for the mechanics of the platform, and they will be entitled to receive attractive rewards. Upon launch of the yield farming feature, it will be mainly DAO1/ETH pair. The community will then be able to propose new ones, which will go through a voting process. Staking will work as any other Staking mechanisms, not sure if your question here is concerned with any specifics or with how staking works in general. Staking and farming are basic backbone for decentralization, but here we have no minimum amount for staking, flexible and better APYs and security.

Reg underwritings: DAO1 holders will benefit from so-called underwritings, meaning every token holder is eligible to participate in the fundraising platform. In cryptocurrency, underwritings stand for the right of preference. In this case, it translates to DAO1 holders being able to engage directly in the value appreciation of launched incubation projects. This is another part that is linked

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: Ahmmm awesome! Here is the website of DAO1 — For complete details of project, must visit this 💪.

Here is the last question from my side.

Please share tokenomics of DAO1 and what are your aims in next 2 or 5 years?

Francesco Dell’Agata: Sure. The DAO1 token ticker is DAO1 and is based on ERC20. The DAO1 token will be used for all DAO1 platform services. The DAO1 token distribution is as follows and is subject to change at the time of launch. The total DAO1 token supply is 3,600,000. We will also be carrying out token burning events.

Here is a screenshot of our structure, available in our Whitepaper too.

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: Just 3600,000 and burning events also. Something very special in trading

Francesco Dell’Agata: Yes, it is special!

Deepjain: Yes, limited supply

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: Is there any vesting period of team tokens?

Deepjain: Yes, there will be vesting period and all the detailed tokenomics including vesting period pre-sale price will be announced

Francesco Dell’Agata: In terms of the next 2 or 5 years, obviously platform will be ever evolving. The community will grow, and more and more financial products will be deployed to achieve full scope of a truly DAO structure granting better chances for freedom, true democracy and financial freedom.

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: Great stuff! Quite satisfying answer. I appreciate

Francesco Dell’Agata: We want our users to vote on what they want to implement in the future, in regard to features. This will mean we will continue to evolve.

Few Interesting Questions from Crypto Eagles Community Members

Crypto Eagles [username: Gregory Edwards]: How many killer features of your project makes it ahead of its competitors? Could you tell us 2–3 features ?

Adrian Niculescu: Thank you for the question. I would say that the incubation of startups & the hackathons are great differentiation features which will help DAO1 to nurture the next generation of startups & projects.

Leo Georgievic: I would def. say these features!

  • The Decentralized Fund (DeF) with Hybrid Advisory.
  • Crypto Venture & Startup Fund
  • Incubator Platform
  • Charity Collectable NFTs
  • International Hackathon for Developers
  • Underwritings

Alongside with top tier exchange announcements which are due to arrive soon!

Crypto Eagles [username: xxx gimme xxx gimme xxx]: What is your status regarding the audit of your smart contracts and security mechanisms to protect and assure the participants of the ecosystem?

Francesco Dell’Agata: This is a great question. Thank you. We value privacy and security. This is why one of our most important decisions was to propose that DAO1 will be a truly decentralized autonomous organization. Our team is acting on behalf of the community and we do not act as a central authority. The team does not make management decisions regarding DAO1. We have opted for a fully decentralized approach, leaving governing power entirely in the hands of the DAO1 community. We will monitor this continuously as more users join the platform and community-based voting will be at the heart of our strategy. In terms of security, we are employing the strictest security measures to ensure the safety of funds and sound auditing practices — but we want the community to also be wary to keep their funds safe in accordance with the safety measures we will have in place.

Crypto Eagles [username: shoaib khan]: Is the DAO1 token will be allowed to participate in fundraising events.?

Adrian Niculescu: The DAO1 holders will be able to participate in the investment rounds for the startups incubated.

Crypto Eagles [username: Emma Mackey]: Can you reveal some of your partners that you already established and how they are helping you to get real world adoption?

Deepjain: We have signed partnerships with many and can’t reveal at this moment due NDA terms. post launch, we will announce our all partnerships.

Crypto Eagles [username: aimen khalid]: Are you a global project or local project? At present, which market are you focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners? Can anybody anywhere use this project without Any restrictions?

Leo Georgievic: GLOBAL PROJECT WITH A GLOBAL MINDSET, Project will also be focusing more on the Asian markets like Pakistan, India, Korea, China etc.

Crypto Eagles [username: 🇻🇳Annie 🇻🇳]: Are there any requirements to enter the Hackathon? Does it work for teams of developers or can it also be individual?

Leo Georgievic: Well, the next big thing can come from anywhere in the world. We want our hackathons to be inclusive, we start them online due to Covid allowing the innovators to overcome any limitations they may have to join us.

A lot of projects simply lack the needed coverage to prosper and often the scene is dominated by big players. So just as our unique features in relation to the VC fund, where we want to give all community member, regardless of their wallet size, the advantage of VC investment opportunities…we want to give the people who are not often heard, a voice.

Of course, when things take their course and the community grows, and I can say for sure it will by the overwhelming interest we have received so far…community will be there to vote for ideas and projects that they are in favor of and support…again the by the community and for the community are essential punchlines in our approach.

For both teams and individuals, we are welcoming their engagement and we really do hope for this to create a positive wave of aspirations and innovative opportunities.

We want to allow hackathons to sparkle the best projects, teams & ideas that once launched to help advance DAO1. We welcome ideas, innovation, the desire to succeed, both individuals & teams. Inclusion is what we are looking for. It doesn’t matter the location, gender, age, race or color.

On the website it will be detailed the application process in an easy-to-follow manner.

Crypto Eagles [username: Reinhard Van Astrea]: Could you really tell us about DeF Hybrid Counseling? how will it work? And how will she advise you not to invest in SCAM projects?

Deepjain: Hybrid advisory will advise only with respect to where to invest in basis of TA and FA along with the help of experts. no scam alert.

Crypto Eagles [username: Zakii ($Roul)]: YOUR PROJECT has great features. There must be an experienced team behind. Can you tell some about your team and their experiences in the market?

Deepjain: Most of the details about the team are mentioned on the website and in their LinkedIn. The team is well experienced and a perfect blend of industry and business experience.

Francesco Dell’Agata: We have a brilliant team behind us, who will ensure DAO1 will strive for success. Behind a great project there is always a brilliant team, with diverse experience. Between us, we have decades of technology, marketing, business development, legal and financial investment experience. We have technology strategists, researchers, core and non-core blockchain developers and many more who will work extremely hard to ensure DAO1 is a true success!

Crypto Eagles [username: Zakii ($Roul)]: What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Deepjain: DAO implementation, staking, farming, Crypto venture and startup fund, hackathon and incubation

Crypto Eagles [username: Future x125 to the dip]: How relevant is DAO1 to DeFi? How necessary is it and what role do you use?

Leo Georgievic: No, we are much more. Basically, we are a Decentralized Autonomous Organization with Governance from Day 1. Hence our name. But practically we are a DAO including a lot of DeFi features and interesting services.

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: You are not calling DAO1 a DeFi project. What’s behind that?

Leo Georgievic: We are not just a DeFi project, DAO1 is a decentralized protocol, with a socio-economic objective. So, we are basically a truly decentralized autonomous organization.

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: How is DAO1 different from other DeFi solutions?

Leo Georgievic: Again, we are not to be examined in comparison with solely other DeFi projects. We are a truly decentralized autonomous organization running on a decentralized protocol but have socio-economic characteristics.

We are different due to the fact that our initial setup and governance are different as well as the unique range and assortment of features our members can enjoy.

Not only is DeFi taking a more and more important role in the financial sector, but it also removes intermediaries, thereby giving the participants a more transparent flow of transactions and costs.

Basically, we are a Decentralized Autonomous Organization with Governance from Day 1,we are practically a DAO including a lot of DeFi features and interesting services.

Again, we are not to be examined in comparison with solely other DeFi projects. We are a truly decentralized autonomous organization running on a decentralized protocol but have socio-economic characteristics.

The DeFi values are in short, our decentralized protocol structuring, our upcoming Decentralized Fund (with hybrid advisory) and other DeFi features you would normally see in a DeFi project such as staking farming etc., But what makes us confident in deliverance is that we made the Governance from day1 our Cornerstone in building this project from zero and up! From a decentralized perspective you can use many of our services under one roof.

Of course, what makes us DeFi is the interesting DeFi features our range of services in the platform have. From a decentralized perspective you can use many of our services under one roof.

Crypto Eagles [username: Emma Mackey]: Is the tokenomics and distribution model already out? Where can I get them? Can you share the details with us here?

Francesco Dell’Agata: The Tokenomics is available in our whitepaper. There is a graphic which describes it well on page 21:

Crypto Eagles [username: Maria Ibrar]: Where anyone holding the DAO1 token, can directly donate the equivalent amount in any currency denomination of their choice?

Deepjain: DAO1 holders will be befitted in many ways. apart from staking and farming, there are many other benefits for DAO1 tokenholders in incubation and in underwriter feature .

Crypto Eagles [username: Yu$ra]: What we propose at DAO1 is a truly decentralized autonomous organization?

Deepjain: yes, that too from day1, all the major decision will be taken by the community itself by giving votes

Crypto Eagles [username: ♪♦Dee Cross♦♪, ]: Do you have any tool or article available that can guide or educate us which is the Farming (of those available) the most convenient for us?

Adrian Niculescu: Thank you for the question. First, please check the whitepaper downloadable from Next, check the Medium in-depth posts so you will get more educated on DAO1’s features.

Crypto Eagles [username: Mahnoor Pathan]: What is a Decentralized fund (DEF)? explain in simple words.

Francesco Dell’Agata: The DeF is a community-driven investment approach coupled with artificial intelligence to help you reach the most optimal investment decisions. You can invest and create funds of your own choice.

Crypto Eagles [username: @HurmainZara]: How are you planning to promote your project in different countries, wherein English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to better understand your project?

Francesco Dell’Agata: We have a plan to translate the Whitepaper in a few select languages which we will announce in the future. Right now, it is only in English.

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: Can you explain your liquidity locked period?

Deepjain: liquidity will be locked once list on Uniswap. and yes, we have a plan to translate the Whitepaper in a few select languages which we will announce in the future. Right now, it is only in English. we are also going to start channel in other prominent channels.

Adrian Niculescu: DAO1 will have truly local leaders who will join the vision & mission to create an inclusive community-based ecosystem by leveraging distributed ledger technology to provide access to the next generation of decentralized financial products. Based on that we expect the content published globally by DAO1 to be localized with their help.

If you want to start a DAO1 community in your country, come and talk to us. We are here to make sure that DAO1 has the best start, it is handed to the community which will help it to develop into a powerhouse in the DAO space.

Crypto Eagles [username: Quin Josephine]: What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally? What services do you provide to the community?

Adrian Niculescu: If you want to start a DAO1 community in your country, come and talk to us. We are here to make sure that DAO1 has the best start, it is handed to the community which will help it to develop into a powerhouse in the DAO space.

Francesco Dell’Agata: We plan on building a strong community based on a community-based approach and we will ensure our community members lead the way because as a DAO, we will opt for them to choose which technological innovations we bring forward via a proportional voting system to accept, reject or deny proposals. We will have a voting structure in-place to ensure the platform’s benefits are at the forefront of all the decisions via a DAO1 token governance-based model.

Adrian Niculescu: Regarding revenue generation please refer to the whitepaper where the features have mentioned how revenue is generated both by the platform and the DAO1 holders. The DAO1 holders have multiple avenues to generate revenue. Please download the whitepaper at

Leo Georgievic: The DAO1 will seek to redirects a significant portion of its revenues back to the community, where e.g., 80% of the revenues generated through transaction fees, commissions and subscription charges will benefit its users.

The platform will distribute 40% of the total revenues among stakers and yield farmers, while the remaining 40% will be divided between DAO1 governance rewards, airdrops for DAO1 token holders and the DAO1 token buyback program.

The remaining 20% of DAO1’s revenue will be used for further development of the platform.

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: @fdellagata @Bchdeepak @Teamfearless @adrianniculescu thank you very much guys for your time. Wish you best of luck to you and your project 🙂💪. That was a great session with you all well experienced people 🤠

Francesco Dell’Agata: Brilliant! Thanks for your time everyone, we appreciate this strong community! We can’t wait for everyone on the Crypto Eagles community to be involved in DAO1. Please keep an eye out for our official communication channels.

Adrian Niculescu: What I want to mention answering few questions which were posted … education is an important part of what we are doing and I highly advice everyone to get educated in crypto/ DeFi/ DAO, and also that personal due diligence is very important.

Leo Georgievic: Wauw such amazing session, I hope we at least got something covered and I hope more sessions will come soon. Please join us at our official channels and get in touch with us.

Thank you all for a nice participation and sorry for not being able to answer everyone…You could be anywhere right now, but you spend part of your Sunday with us!❤️❤️❤️

Crypto Eagles [Kamran Akbar]: #dyor. We always use this hashtag. Dyor mean do your own research. Thank you guys!

Adrian Niculescu: It was a great session; we saw an overwhelming amount of questions. Please go through the whitepaper, read the in-depth articles on Medium, follow DAO1 on social media & connect with us on LinkedIn also. Have a great rest of Sunday & a good week ahead. All success!

And so it ends…

Following this AMA, the DAO1 team went back to work and started preparations for the next AMA.

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